On organic broccoli

I am generally pro organic food. I am by no means passionate about it. I am like this: if the food is near the same price as the non-organic and if it looks edible, I will go with the organic.

We have had wonderful luck with Fresh Direct, the online grocery service here in the NYC area. Never a complaint. Until yesterday, when the broccoli had bugs.

This was made a bit grosser by the fact that I cooked it without realizing the bugs were there and I was really, really close to putting blendered-up bugs into the soup I was making.

I thought it was just a really dirty head of broccoli. So I washed it. Apparently all the little buggies ran to the tree part and hid. Then I put them in the steamer and they died on the vegetable. So it was lucky that I caught a glimpse of them as I was transferring them to the blender to make cream of broccoli.

It was really gross. I felt a little sick.

This is why I will probably not buy organic broccoli again unless I can see it before paying for it. To be fair, Fresh Direct did give me a credit for it. So I’m not mad at them. It’s just that no matter what, from now on I can imagine myself getting really obsessive about this and having to throughly inspect all the little tree parts for insects. And there are a lot of little tree parts on broccoli. This could add at least 20 minutes onto my cooking time. And my time, not to mention my limited fibromyalgic energy, is valuable.

So I look at it this way. If they are spraying the stuff with some weird chemical, I think I would rather die a week earlier from the harmful effects than spend that equivalent week hunting for bugs on my organic broccoli.

Note from years later: I always buy organic broccoli now. But only because I can see it first.

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