My Ugliest Shoes

Sure. They may be ugly. But I so wear them when the mood hits me.

& of course they have a story.

See, I’ve always thought bowling shoes were groovy. I’ve always wanted to own a pair. But I didn’t like the idea of buying my own, nor did I like the idea of swiping a pair that were USED.

One day, after a long 48 hour stint at work, a group of us decided to unwind at a Studio City bowling alley called Pinz. I was last in line to get the loaner shoes & when the guy couldn’t find any more size 10’s (ahem…that would be men sized) he went to a storage room and came back with a brand new pair of shoes. I watched him remove them from the box. They were beautiful.

I knew that as I handed over my grungy nikes that it would be the last time I ever saw them. Because those bowling shoes were coming home with me.

Stealing them from the bowling alley was freakishly easy. I’m still amazed at how little guilt I felt about it at the time. Of course it caught up with me & I didn’t feel like I could ever wear the shoes unless I paid for them. So I went back and tried to explain that I had stolen some shoes and that I wanted to pay for them. The guy behind the counter thought I was a riot. He said everyone steals shoes from them & then went back to disinfecting. He wouldn’t take my money and so I left. But I could never go back. I even stopped shopping at the Bed, Bath & Beyond next door for shame.

But they have made great disco dancing shoes.


12 thoughts on “My Ugliest Shoes

  1. Those are fabulous. I am so jealous! I have always wanted bowling shoes but never had the guts to steal some. And they were new too. Oh, that guy HAD to know you would steal them when he opened new shoes up in front of you.

  2. that is so awesome. i have never heard that story! we should have spent more time in the valley. an unmined treasure trove!

    Oh no, now I’m sad and I miss Good Earth.

  3. Excellent. I stole a down comforter from a hotel once. Actually I asked the manager repeatedly if I could buy it from them or if they could tell me where I could get it. He kept telling me I could NOT buy it from anywhere. Finally when I said “But I WANT IT!” He said “Well take the damn thing then!”
    So, I did. And oh how I love it six years later.

  4. Cool shoes, not at all Ugly! great colors, I want mine too! I’ve always liked bright colored shoes.
    By the way I just started on the photo friday, so check out mt shoes!!

  5. Awesome! LOL. I have always loved bowling shoes too, but have never stolen any. I love to go bowling and when I was dating someone who also liked bowling, he bought me some bowling shoes..unfortunately they were not nearly as cool as the traditional bowling shoes.

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