Thank You, Crash!

Because of you I won the Oscar pool at my party. Ok, to be honest, there was a three way tie & nobody had thought to make a tie-breaker so we split the booty three ways. But still, thank you for the $13.

But as for the Oscars…well there was some good (Thank you Dolly) and some bad (get a tailor, Jennifer Garner – you nearly made me choke on my spinach dip). But mostly I was entertained. I thought Jon did a great job hosting…in a sort of distant way. But my number one issue was with the turds that were the musical numbers.

Dolly was the first to perform and she looked great (well, except for her freaky thin legs). But she was all alone on stage and working it.

So we all expected the other musical numbers to be that minimal. Ha! I have some serious issues with the Crash musical number. Sure, I liked the song, but did you have to have actors reenacting scenes from the movie? And specifically did you have to have actors reenact the molesting scene? That was in horrible taste and freaky. & the car on fire on stage? Overkill.

But I really can’t relieve that a (horrible) “song” about being a pimp won. That’ll never make sense.

oh, & thank you George Clooney for being so cute. Ditto Ang Lee.

Reese, loved the dress, hated the speech. Ditto Rachel.

Phillip, loved how sincere you were. That was pretty touching. But there was a technical glitch during your speech. When you were gushing about your Mom they cut to your girlfriend. So it kind of was weird in that “is his Mom his girlfriend?” kind of way.

& how fun was it to have Catherine Keener sitting near you? She looks fun.

But the best duo was, by far, Meryl & Lilly. You ladies were Class (yes that is with a capital C). & Meryl, my Mom wants to know how you got such smooth skin.

I would also like to thank whoever brought the orange sparkling nectar stuff to my party. Damn, that was some good drink!


6 thoughts on “Thank You, Crash!

  1. I would like to know

    A) is there going to be another winner for Photo Friday?

    B) if not, when will you announce the next theme?

    Thank you.

    I think the Oscars are weird but I watched the whole damn thing. Dolly was the best. I hate that the rap won but I loved how Jon Stewart milked that fact for every joke possible after that.

  2. okay…
    jon stewart did a pretty good job. i liked the colbert ads thrown in randomly, they were fun.
    the show seemed to move right along.
    i grew up with an oscar crazed mother so i thought the whole entire world thought this was the be all and end all! lately i have had a love hate relationship with the academy but this was a year i was excited about.
    i had a problem filling out my ballot because i saw too many of the movies and had to fight my self about who SHOULD win and who WOULD win. too much knowledge leads to too much choice in my opinion. i made the wrong choices and got none of the actors/tress’s correct.

    angry i was that Felicity didn’t get it!!! i adore reese, but really…was june carter cash such a stretch?
    felicity you are all deserving!
    rachel weisz was very good as well but i thought amy adams deserved it.
    my friend kati who is the arts and entertainment writer for the local paper won the gf and her mom even beat me.
    yada yada yada what do i know?
    i know we had good champagne and a fun time…

  3. Some other things that might make you go hmmmm?

    What was up with Tom Hanks’ creepy face lift? Or was is just bad makeup? Regardless it was creeeeepy.

    How about the completely conflicted expression on Ryan’s face during Reese’s speech…? Trying not to cry or jealous?

    Charlize what was that thing on your shoulder?

    Sandra’s gown with pockets! Brilliant.

    Loved Jon too!

  4. Ditto on Bri’s comment about Jon making fun of the rapper goons. And I agree with you about the song performance overkill. And yes, hands down, Meryl and Lily were best in show.

    OOOHH–just read Cat’s comment about Tom Hanks…I thought he looked odd as well.

  5. Just realized I forgot to mention my main point: I am SO glad Crash won. It is truly one of the best movies I’ve EVER seen.

  6. We had a three-way tie at ours and forgot to have a tie-breaker question. We all won 12 dollars. There’s a strange wind blowing in.

    What about Matt Dillon?

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