Who are You?

I am constantly amazed by how much I see myself in other people’s blog posts. Even if the scenarios are nothing that I have ever encountered I find myself completely recognizing the emotional reaction or response.

It has made me wonder just how many of us share overlapping personality traits. Hmmmmm…

Many of you, I am certain, have heard of the Myers Briggs tests. I took the test years ago, but I am going to take it again today to see if I have shifted anywhere.

If you are curious take one as well & post your personality type.

Here is an on-line version of the test.


31 thoughts on “Who are You?

  1. I have noticed the similarities too. Is it because we are all suffering with the same pain and general crap? I am glad you posted that because now I don’t feel like I am just trying to see the similarities in others so that I don’t feel so alone. Thanks. I so hope that everything you are dealing with gets resolved the best way possible for everyone and good luck with the baby making. πŸ˜‰ Love your blog too.

  2. I am an ENFJ

    very expressed extrovert
    moderately expressed intuitive personality
    distinctively expressed feeling personality
    very expressed judging personality

  3. I am an INFP

    moderately expressed introvert

    moderately expressed intuitive personality

    distinctively expressed feeling personality

    moderately expressed perceiving personality

    We’re both moderately intuitive (MODERATELY! MODERATELY?) and distinctively feeling. And maybe that’s why I feel so very akin to you blog-wise. Because I don’t think that Introversion and Extroversion really apply much to blogging. Because though it only said I was moderately introverted, I really am extremely introverted, so much so that I get sick and dizzy at parties that are too large and have too many people — they suck my energy away too quickly — and yet I am very “social” in the blogosphere; most likely because I can do it while actually being alone and on my own time.

    Which would leave us very similar in two out of the three pertinate categories.

    Great post, thanks for the link!

  4. As a non-blogger, I’ve often wondered about the similarities and differences too. I love your blog (and many other infertility blogs), and see so much of myself. But, as Shanna said, is it because we’re all suffering the same crap? However, it’s also interesting to me because, as I have no interest in blogging, I often wonder if I am essentially more introverted than bloggers? And it turns out that I am…

    I am INFJ

    moderately expressed introvert
    moderately expressed intuitive personality
    moderately expressed feeling personality
    slightly expressed judging personality

    Well, hey, we have 3 letters in common! Apparently I’m a Counselor Idealist, in common with <2% of the population, so I'm a rarity!

  5. I’m an ISFJ
    slightly expreseed introvert/sensing/feeling
    very expressed (78%!) judging personality
    Or a Protector Guardian – which certainly fits with my martyr-like tendencies to put everyone else before myself ;o)

    Hope that things are a little calmer at home now. It sounds hourrendous, and I’m so sorry that your mother and Uncle are “fighting” over GM. I suppose it would be nigh on impossible for them not to fall into long-established patterns of sibling rivalry whatever the family issue, but it’s terrible for you & GM to be caught in the middle. And so awful that your Uncle can’t see what you and your mother have already done for her, and are only hoping to continue to be able to do in the best way possible. Wishing you peace.

  6. ESFJ. Recently I’ve moved from intuitive to sensing, which is interesting.

    slightly expressed extrovert

    distinctively expressed sensing personality

    moderately expressed feeling personality

    slightly expressed judging personality

  7. I’m always one of two, depending on the day. Today, I’m an INTJ – introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judgemental. But something thinking is replaced by feeling (rarely).

    I dunno. I’d like to say that infertility is something that forces a person into introspection, but we all know that’s not true. Or, at least it seems that that introspection only lasts for as long as it takes to have a baby or adopt a child, when the focus necessarily shifts to the child in question.

  8. INFJ, off the scale. Although my “I” isn’t as big as it once was. I think having such a public job makes one more of an Extrovert. I fucking LOVE the Meyers-Briggs test.

  9. By the way, if I remember correctly, your “true personality” is reflected in the center letters. I just glanced down the comments and saw several NFs. Interesting.

  10. I am ENFP with all moderate except perceiving…. hmmm….

    i haven’t posted in a long time but i want you to know that i do read your blog daily and that i love you and support you fully! please emailme sometime soon!!! love, hillcitykitty

  11. Well I’m a ESPF

    slightly expressed extrovert

    moderately expressed sensing personality

    very expressed feeling personality

    slightly expressed perceiving personality

    But I desagree with the first one, I’m very very “expressed extrovert” hehehehe

  12. Apparently, with this test, I’m Your Type is
    Introverted 56%
    Sensing 1%
    Feeling 38%
    Judging 44%

    *moderately expressed introvert
    *slightly expressed sensing personality
    *moderately expressed feeling personality
    *moderately expressed judging personality

    But I’ve done other Myers Briggs tests, and they were just a bit different from this. Can’t remember what it was exactly, though. I agree, it can vary from day-to-day.

  13. ESFJ
    Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judging
    Strength of the preferences %
    22 1 25 11

    ESFJ type description by D.Keirsey
    ESFJ type description by J. Butt

    Qualitative analysis of your type formula

    You are:

    * slightly expressed extrovert
    * slightly expressed sensing personality
    * moderately expressed feeling personality
    * slightly expressed judging personality

  14. C- I was impressed that we are the same code (ENFJ) …but we’re still different.

    distinctively expressed extrovert
    moderately expressed intuitive personality
    moderately expressed feeling personality
    slightly expressed judging personality

    Can I still play if the last thing I want is a baby, making me the polar opposite from the majority of the lovely ladies here?

  15. Sherry- you can still play, you dork. I’ll overlook your not wanting to have a baby (bwah ha ha) as long as you promise to keep mum to my (future) kid about anything (& anyone) zany I did when I lived in L.A.

  16. Well, this surprised me. I always used to be an Intuitive but I guess I’ve changed. Though it only says “slightly” so maybe it’s just the day or the test. I also used to be an Extrovert, but that changed a long, long time ago. Somewhere in college.


    # moderately expressed introvert
    # slightly expressed sensing personality
    # distinctively expressed feeling personality
    # moderately expressed judging personality

  17. I thought so Calliope. I knew you were also and ENFJ!!!!!!!
    I just scored as an ENFP, but I am always on the borderline between the two. No wonder we always relate to eachother.
    We rock.

  18. Oh my God. I took one last year (from an extensive book test) and am also an ENFJ. Which means we’re the same person, I think.

  19. I came out as an INFJ, which seems accurate (I think I can sometimes be more of a P than a J, but perhaps I flatter myself…I’m pretty anal retentive).
    I think it’s interesting (and great!) that so many of you are E rather than I. I think I’ve become much more extroverted than I was as a kid and teenager….but I’m still definitely an Introvert. πŸ™‚

  20. I don’t have time to retake it – maybe next week when things quiet down – but I have always been an INTJ (but it’s almost 50/50 I vs. E).

    Shout out to Kate and Oro, my INTJ buddies! πŸ™‚

    If I had time, I’d run some stats on these results…. πŸ™‚

  21. InTerEsting…

    I am an INFP, healer/idealist, which suprises me not in the least. And hey, I have good company – Trista & Eryn!

    Reading the profile was eerie. Very much the way I see myself. I’ll have to get Pili to do it and compare notes. I predict: ENFJ for her.

  22. I’m late to the party so I’m not included in your latest stats, although they were interesing. But for the record, I am an INTJ.

  23. Another latecomeer here. I haven’t yet read the stats referred to by Co, but I have to comment how strange it is that the vast majority of us are Feeling…is this a girl thing or something?

    On this test I came up as ENFJ (same as you!) although on the long test I’ve come up as ENFP (over 10 yrs ago, but you’re not supposed to change).

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