Das Boots are here!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a blogosphere to get you your boots. Operation: Get me my Boots is officially over. I have my boots!

The biggest thanks goes to Sarah & BB! These gals not only had the great sense of adventure to join the operation, but they ultimately became the commanding officers. The company that had the boots would not ship them to America, so these gals had the boots shipped to their house & THEN sent them to me. I have no doubt that their Ziggy is going to have the best Moms. If they went through so much to get little ol’ me some footwear, imagine the mountains they will move for this kid. Thank you gals!

New boots arrived into my world at approximately 3:35pm (central time) on Saturday, July 15. They were inspected. & then they were on my feet in less than 20 minutes.

I’m still smiling about that.

I was in a really shitty, funky mood yesterday. You know, one of those pathetic pouts brought on by an accumulation of a number of 5th grade type issues. But lucky for you the boots happened. Otherwise you might have been subjected to an obnoxious post all about how all of my friends are going to Vegas and I can’t go.

But back to the boots. THE BOOTS!

I even took the boots to a movie yesterday. Of course it was the Pirate movie. Although the boots would have liked to go to the crossword movie but I had to explain to the boots that such movies rarely come to this town but that I would go ahead & add it to my netflix queue.

My original tartan docs were wonderful and perfect. They took me around the world, they grounded me in my own personality. You can’t be a bad person if you have plaid shoes on. The plaid is magic.

These new boots will have a lot to live up to. & I can’t wait to begin their adventure!


19 thoughts on “Das Boots are here!

  1. Nice boots! May you wear them in health and happiness. I’m sure they will see you though many more great adventures.

  2. YEAH!!!

    They look awesome on you! I am soooo happy they made it to you so fast!

    Enjoy every step in them!!

    ps. even tho I know those boots will last an eternity (atleast I hope they will) if you ever need a new pair, or another pair, let me know!!

  3. So happy the boots are here! They look terrific and what an adventurous life they’ve had already, with more to come.

  4. Look I really understand all your excitement about the boots. but its your cats that get me. these black monsters are something else. they look wonderfully, brilliantly furrable. do they purr loudly as well?

  5. Katty- I just have the one cat: Talula. She is actually in need of a shave as so much of her hair has matted in the summer heat. But all of the places that do cat grooming are booked until August.

  6. Traveling the world and thinking about the blogosphere : I am in London this week and went to a Doc Martens store this morning… and saw a copy of YOUR tartan boots !! Of course, I took a picture…

    Congrats on finally getting those : I’m pretty sure you’ll go throu many great adventures together !!

  7. Told you that Sarah and BB were the German hook up! I’m glad you got your boots.

    Can I be cool too cuz I have a pair of plaid, wool Chuck Taylors?

  8. Yay! The boots are here..the magic of good ol’ docs..I still wish for my old black ones. ahh..good times. I should have never let them go. (A “nice” boyfriend had convinced me that grownups didn’t wear boots with dresses. evil man)

    Many adventures to you and your docs!

  9. You sound like me and my Frye boots. Already what stories your boots could tell if they could talk!

    Many happy miles!

  10. yay for plaid boots! I feel the same way about my flower boots. You can’t be a bad person if you’re walking on flower petals!

    Someday our boots need to hook up and exchange stories. Because oh, I believe that the soul of your old boots has been reincarnated in the new ones. They “know” all the memories already.

  11. I am glad about your boots! How was the pirate movie? Was it rated Aarrrr? Edward, Stephanie, and I are planning to go tonight. Cheers, Joanna

  12. BOOTS!
    Sarah and BB are the BEST!! They shopped german eBay for me for shoes, and they sent Charlie my favorite wool covers… you can buy them in STORES in Germany!

    I love Sarah and BB. They rock.

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