My favorite escape

Today will be a great day for me. It is always a wonderful day when an award show is televised live for my viewing pleasure.

I have been an award show junkie ever since my Mother brought home a small black and white Emerson television in 1981. Every night we would watch Entertainment Tonight while sitting on the floor and eating generic (the white box) mac and cheese (made with powdered milk, thank you very much). Oh the stars! The glamor! The red carpets! (um at least I think they were red…)

1981 was very much a year that I needed to escape to the fantasy of Hollywood.

With Mother using the Emerson as my new babysitter so that she could work longer hours as a temp (and save money for law school) I was allowed to watch tv until she came home. Many nights I would fall asleep on the living room floor and I would dream myself to a land where my best friend was Drew Barrymore.

The first documented proof that award shows were tres important to me can be found in my journal from 1986. I will spare you direct quotes, but the gist is that I was at my Grandparent’s house and had convinced them to let me eat dinner in front of the tv to watch the Emmy’s. This was a HUGE no no. (eating in front of the tv, not the Emmy’s) Somehow, either to shut me up or because my GF was always amused by my dramatic moments, I was allowed to take a tv tray into the den and watch the show.

There is also the moment when I first moved to Los Angeles and had only a studio apartment, a futon and a clock radio to my name. I called up one of my only friends in town and begged her to pick me up and take me somewhere so that I could see the Emmy’s. My friend was ill with a stomach bug and we ended up compromising by her putting the phone up to her tv so that I could listen to the show. I had to endure moments of hearing her wretch from the other room, but at least I got to hear my Emmy’s in between her heaves.

Now lest you think I am a free for all when it comes to award shows, I have affinity for only three of them. The award show trinity, if you will: The Emmy’s, the Golden Globes, and the highest of all high, the Oscars. I have no room for the Grammy’s, the People’s Choice, and none of the MTV award shows thrill me.

As the years have passed my enthusiasm for the three shows shift often. When I was younger, say middle school, I was ALL about the Emmy’s. I was obsessed with the show Murphy Brown (ah, my plan to become a single mother began earlier than you might have guessed!) and I can remember praying, actually praying that Candace would win. As I was watching shitloads of tv I knew more of the nominees for the Emmy’s than I ever would at that point for films.

The Oscars were all about the red carpet, the style, interviews with Joan Rivers. For a while the Oscars seemed above me. Something so glamorous and exotic that I watched it like one would watch the nature channel in another language. (marveling at the beauty, but understanding nothing)

When I first started working in at the studio I was thrilled that the Monday of the Oscar show was a holiday. Seriously- nobody was required or expected to be in the office. People had these huge parties with big screens and bigger tables of booze. Then the moved the Oscars to a Sunday and if you ask me, the pomp hasn’t been the same since.

The Globes have only recently (in the past 8 years) become the most enjoyed of the trinity. And not just because of all of the zany drunk moments, and not because it is a beautiful marriage of television and film stars, but because it perpetuated my fantasy that Hollywood was just one big party. At the Globes everyone is sitting around tables eating and drinking and having a gay ol’ time. When the show comes back from commercial you can still see many of the stars mingling around and chatting with other stars. You won’t get any of that on air with the Emmy’s or Oscars.

Tonight the 64th annual Golden Globe awards will be televised. For around 3 solid hours all of my troubles will leave me, all of my worries, doubts and anxiety will melt away. Tomorrow I might even post my thoughts about the show: who won, who should have, and what everyone was wearing.

And what is your favorite escape?


7 thoughts on “My favorite escape

  1. I’ll be watching the Globe as well…

    A Yearly tradition since I can remember. The popcorn is patiently waiting beside the microwave, the punch is already in the fridge and all phones will be turned off by 6h30 pm (can’t risk being stuck on the phone for the previews). And yes, we will compare notes from the previous years… we are that dorky !

    And in a couple of days, we will laught at ourselves for being so neurotics about the show… while counting the days to the Oscars.

    Good luck for tonight !

  2. I love awards shows, too, but what I really must comment on is Murphy Brown. I, too, was obsessed with Murphy Brown. Murphy Brown is responsible for my current political leanings; I was raised in a very conservative Republican family, and that whole Dan Quayle debacle when Murphy was pregnant was a huge turning point for me.

  3. Hollywood is empty without you. And oh… how I wish you would share your complete “Drew Barrymore Best Friend” story with the ladies here and the world. It is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Glad to see you writing… and still lovin’ the movies. (And thank you for your email this morning. That meant everything to me <3!! )

  4. I am also an awards show junkie…It all just seems so fabulous. I always read about people having these big Emmy parties, getting dressed up and using their own ballots to see who will win…one day I’m going to have an award show party and you’re invited.

  5. But darling, WHAT ABOUT THE TONY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ah, you tv and movie snobs always give us theatre folk the short end of the stick….

    I must admit – seeing the Tony’s LIVE was rather amazing.

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