Fav cleaning product/item

It is just wrong how much I love and adore my fabuloso.  It is the product that is fun to say and cheap to buy. It cleans floors! bathrooms! kitchens! It comes in a variety of flavors, er, scents AND it lasts for effing ever. OH! & now it has a child safety cap! can you stand it?

Photo Friday is fabuloso


3 thoughts on “Fav cleaning product/item

  1. I’m a little put off that you didn’t show the grape flavor…er, um, I mean the purple color. HAHAHAHAH Sure you can drink it…wink wink a la Heathers! I don’t have a fvorite cleaning tool, I hate to clean….oooh oh wait… I’ll be posting shortly. Love you!

  2. cali!!!
    you are a trend-setter and an influencial person… i was shopping yesterday for some cleaning products for my bathroom, and came across…(drum roll)…FABULOSO! i immediately thought of you and this blog entry… so i got the grape, er…lavendar scent! 🙂 maybe i’ll blog a product review after i use it this weekend…

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