Sunday Morning Product Endorsement

There are many things I complain about. Many. One of the biggest is how much I fucking hate* loathe* am bothered by my skin. Or to be specific – how much I hate* am bothered by when my skin breaks out. It completely crushes any self esteem I might have going on and it makes me feel (yet again) out of sync with my body. As if my body is rejecting me.

(*am trying very hard to stop hating my body…it is hard!)

Like many of you I have tried virtually everything to combat my bad skin. I have tried over the counter creams and balms, changed my diet, worked on my stress, been under the care of a dermatologist, had more facials than I care to remember and at the end of the day my skin still sucks.

However (& I am hesitant to say this as I am afraid of the jinxing power of such a proclamation) I think I may have stumbled across something that is working. And because it is working (so far) I feel compelled to share it with you. Do note that I am not a medical professional, nor do I have a degree in zitiology. But I get pimples, and splotches, and redness and hard, painful cysts and I have cried over how awful my face looks. That something I have been using for just shy of two weeks has created such a marked improvement (to the point where I actually went out in public without my protective powder layer of bare minerals makeup) is a HUGE deal. It may not work for you. It could make your face peel off or something, but it is working for me.

acne free severe

This is it. The great thing is that you can buy it at virtually any drug store and you aren’t locked in on some scam membership. There is a “regular” line and then there is the “severe” line. You can guess which one I gravitated towards. I am irked by the color of the bottles and am debating making cozies for them so that I don’t have to face (ha ha) bright orangeness so early in the morning, but other than that I have no complaints.

The other complaint I have is pretty small. I actually only have it once a year on my birthday. Some of you may remember that my favorite kind of cake is red velvet cake. I like the cake because it isn’t overly sweet and I love that it has pecans on the icing. The icing I liked tamed down so that it is more cream cheese than cream cheese with shitloads of sugar.

SO my problem is that I always request a red velvet cake for my Birthday cake, but I can never, ever finish it. Ever. At some point it just gets too cake like and by the end of December it has turned into a big red brick taking up space above my refrigerator.

Friday’s grocery store outing was just like any other, until I rounded the corner to the ice cream aisle. This is an aisle that is just for GM as she eats a LOT of ice-cream. When I am 85 I plan on eating just as much. But something caught my eye…something pretty and red. As I naturally gravitate towards pretty packaging I wheeled my cart on over to the store brand ice cream section and was stunned to discover that the ice cream I was drawn to was none other than red velvet ice cream. YES. Cake with small bits of cake and pecans and cream cheese. And let me tell you people. It is sooooooo good. Too good. So good that I added an extra mile to my morning walk just so that I could have another scoop tonight.

red velvet ice cream

Any products you care to endorse?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Product Endorsement

  1. *sob*
    Either you stop endorsing things I NEED in my life, or start up a mail order business. One that can cure my acne and get my Red Velvet icecream to me, still frozen, by dinnertime. Which is in about an hour over here in the land of crap shops!!

  2. Oooh, red velvet cake ice cream? It sounds very very dangerous. But hey, now there’s that study saying that full fat ice cream is good for fertility, so maybe it’ll be a good thing after all.

    This morning, I’d like to endorse “the Youth” moisturizer from Bl!ss. It arrived yesterday, and already I’m hooked. It’s pretty phenomenal stuff!

  3. Oh. My. God!! You must find a way to send that ice cream up north!!! That sounds absolutely DEVINE!

    As for endorsements, right now, I’m feeling really good about IKEA. Just got back from another trip.

    That, and rock salt.

  4. Ugh. I know the feeling. I still get those cystic things. I, too, have used everything. I’ll be checking this stuff out.

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