Leave the Mah Na Mah Na song alone already.

According to my google research, this song was written in the late sixties by some Italian composer. Originally used in a soft core porn before it ever made its way to where the air is sweet on sesame street…the song has a history.

However most of us associate it with our childhood. And with muppets.

The mah na mah na song is something that is near & dear to me. I LOVE that it is making a bit of a come back. I am all for a new generation of muppet lovers (and perhaps Swedish porn lovers) having this song in their cute little heads.

And while I don’t know if Henson (or the German company that now owns Henson) had anything to DO with this new selling out of muppet soul, it still bugs the shit out of me. First there was Miss Piggy schlocking her wares for Pizza Hut (selling pepperoni pizza! ahhh!). Then there was Kermit trying to convince us to buy a Ford.

And now the mah na mah na song is featured on not one, but two commercials: Big Lots! and Saturn. In my ad zone both Saturn and Big Lots! have purchased ad time when the game shows I watch with GM are on. So there is no avoiding them. And as much as I try to stop myself I SING A FUCKING LONG. (or scat along, or mumble along…whatever.) The music instantly makes me feel happy & peppy & young.

Then, as soon as the ad/s are over, I have this awful taste in my mouth. It tastes like charred plastic and felt…burning muppet aftertaste.


11 thoughts on “Leave the Mah Na Mah Na song alone already.

  1. This is one of those songs that S and I sing back and forth to each other, often. I hate that it’s in a commercial. But again, we’re marketing targets, remember?

  2. I am relatively certain that the Jim Henson Company is owned by Disney, which is only German in the sense that Walt Disney was rumored to have certain sympathies in that direction during World War 2. This is what Disney *does* with children’s entertainment–they buy the rights to independent intellectual properties, like Winnie the Pooh, for instance: they supplant the original (and often more complex) stories with their own unavoidably ubiquitous revisions. Ask 10 kids how “The Little Mermaid” ends and 9 of them will have no idea that Anderson originally had his protagonist die (well, “turn into sea foam”) without winning the prince for whom she gave up her voice and home. This is one of the reasons that my mother had a very strict NO DISNEY policy in the house while I was growing up.

  3. I never knew it as a muppet song. When I was in Junior High, my friend and I had a 45 record of the song (no idea who the actual “singer” was). We developed it into a whole cult thing. Honestly, it was a religion. We prayed to mahnamahna and everything. When I see those commercials, it feels like blasphemy to me.

  4. I have seen the ads too. It annoys me since I have it on a current “kid” mix. It’s a cover by Cake, but still… I hate my favorites being used in ads. Just like I am still pissed off about Cadillac using The Pogues.


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