PG gadget lovefest:

I have waves of what inspires me in a kitchen. Some days I gravitate towards this beautiful wooden spoon I got on a trip to visit friends in Chattanooga. It is my chili stirring, onion sautéing, and fondue ladling love. Other days I am really fond of my whisker.

But I did a long, hard look at the gadgetry that I keep coming back to and it is a pretty solid list.

For starters there is my morning trio of coffee grinder, coffee maker and coffee urn. Honestly I would be nowhere without them. It kills me to have made the switch to decaf coffee, but at least I get some satisfaction out of grinding and making a strong brew. I love this trio so much that I have forgiven the urn for being cheap. A year ago the handle became wonky and I couldn’t get it fastened correctly. So now I have to hold the urn by the throat.


This next trio is comprised of things I use almost every day. The scooper is used at least once in order to serve GM up with her favorite afternoon snack of coffee ice cream. The opener is used maybe every other day to open a can of peas or green beans. I could probably eat canned green beans every day. The screwer is used (blush) maybe once a week. But not so much these days. I last used it on GM’s birthday to open this giant bottle of white. Since I cut out the coffee I have allowed myself a 1/2 a glass of wine a night. And sometimes I skip a night so that I can have a full glass the next evening.


So what inspires you in your kitchen?


6 thoughts on “PG gadget lovefest:

  1. Oh, I love the mother and daughter photos. I was thinking of doing someothing similiar on my blog with my own photos and then I remembered I have an anon blog. LOL

    Very heart warming images.

  2. I like the new look. Your kitchen gadgetry is no nice and shiny. Mine has rust spots and probably looks like it belongs in the trash, but I’m sentimental about those things.

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