Annoyances: Television Edition

  1. Star Jones hosting anything. Especially annoyed by her hosting the New York City episodes of House Hunters. Cringe.
  2. Commercials that are insanely louder than the programs. GM & I like to get our Jessica on and watch back to back episodes of Murder She Wrote.  The commercials are crazy loud. Jennifer Love Hewitt is screaming at me to use proactive. The old Surgeon General is yelling that we need life alert. Don’t they know that old people are watching Jessica and that chances are we have the volume just where we need it? Stop yelling at me.
  3. Animated promos/ads for other tv shows while you are currently watching a show. Do you know how creepy it is to be watching someone about to be killed and then an animated person walks across the bottom of your tv with a flashlight and tells you to watch The Closer? Seriously scary.
  4. Jon Stewart is on vacation. So annoying. Can’t he do a broadcast on location? Or just write the jokes & pay an intern to read them.  So much is going on this week & I just find myself craving his perspective.
  5. Summertime tv is, for the most part, sucky. Now I will admit that I do have some favorites that are on this time of year- I love Top Chef, My Boys, Big Love and The Closer.  I put up with Design Star, Kyle XY and Big Brother.  But I am soooo ready for the new fall season. I check my tivo every day to see if they have any shows that I can set to record. Just knowing that something exciting is in my to-do is thrilling. What shows are you guys looking forward to?

At least football season is officially starting in our house this weekend. Seriously- that will thrill GM a million times more than Jessica, and we do love our Jessica.

Oh & you know what else happens this weekend? Or rather the monday following it? Labor day. Sheesh! How did that sneak up on me.  As Ms. D was leaving today (woo hooo thursday respite! 2 hours reading a book at a café) she gave me a hug and told me to have a good holiday. How is it that August is ending & I had no idea. And please don’t tell me that all of my blog friends are going to be off vacationing with Mr. Stewart.  While Labor Day will give Mother a 3 day weekend, really, for me, it’s just a monday with more housework.


8 thoughts on “Annoyances: Television Edition

  1. i hate star.
    i love jessica. it’s been a while since i’ve watched, but it’s lovely. i suppose it could be a good drinking game show (pick your poison): drink when random person enters the plot, the ones who are supposed to throw you off…..

    and as you know, we’ll be around this weekend. with plenty to LJ about, i’m sure. ::roll eyes::

  2. I *hate* that loud commercial thing!!
    I am looking forward to whatever new show Rosa Blasi is in, I forget the name of it. I think it is a mid-season replacement though so I have a while to wait.
    And we’ll be around over Labor Day. Possibly having a two-day stoop sale-stravaganza!

  3. we feel the EXACT SAME WAY.

    Star – CREEPY, bad, and RUINING our house hunters! – do you and gm try to pick which one they’ll pick before they do? It’s a FAVE game here at our house…

  4. and we are here, too. forgot to mention that. Trying to figure out what to do Monday that does NOT involve house cleaning…

    I can’t wait for the following shows to come back:

    -hmmm, there’s a few others, but those two stick out for me now.

  5. I am with you one 1-3 completely. I really love Kyle XY and Eureka and Rescue Me and Saving Grace and because of you I am now watching Side Order of Life and State of Mind. John from Cincinnati just ended and got canceled which just sucks but I am ready for cooler weather for sure. 105 today.

  6. This post had me cracking up… the surgeon general screaming about Life Alert. The little promo character walking across the bottom of the screen. So effing true.

  7. We can’t wait for new TV…I’ve watched way too much Law and Order this summer!
    We always try to guess which house they will pick on house hunters, and we think that Star Jones looks like a completely different person since her weight loss…I think she should put some punds back on.

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