Talk to me: cell phones, computer upgrades & recliners

So my cell phone sucks it raw. No kidding- it is the worst piece of junk ever. I can make two 5 minute calls, send 3 text messages and then I have to recharge it.

It is only 3 years old and when I got it I hated it instantly. I used to have this cool sprint phone. It was big and silver and had a speaker phone and was easy to dial. When I moved from the west coast to the south I discovered that sprint didn’t have great cell phone coverage. So I switched. And with the switch I got one of those rectangular cell phones. You know the kind every one and their mother had. And I was fine with that.

But then the carrier merged with another carrier and I got sucked into their advertising that promised me a life with fun, swank phones. So I got one of those flip phones with the camera built in. It was a pain to program and didn’t even have an option to switch my ringer to vibrate. And a girl’s got to have her vibrate.

However I started using my cell phone less and less. As my life became more shut in and less social I began leaving my phone in the car or in the kitchen. And the battery would die and it would be weeks before I even thought to recharge it.  So clearly I wasn’t super involved with my phone.

This recent trip up North was pure hell with my cell phone. I literally traveled with both of my chargers- including the car charger. Every moment I was in a vehicle I was charging the phone. Even at the 2nd annual IVP convention I was chasing down bloggers asking if I could charge my phone in their car.

I started to realize that maybe if I had a better phone that maybe I would call people more and be better at that whole keeping in touch stuff. Plus- how fucking cool is texting? Not that I can really do it on my current phone without sucking two bars of battery juice…

So advice request #1: What cell phone should I get? I don’t care what carrier the phone is with as they all work the same around here.  I am drawn to the smart phones but I do not want to pay extra monthly for something like a blackberry. I also won’t/can’t use anything that is window or pc based. What I really like is the new palm centro phone. But I think I like it because it is pretty and red. Do any of you guys LOVE your phone? Tell me all about it. Any phones I should run away from?

Advice request #2: Any mac users here? What are your thoughts on the leopard upgrade? Have any of you upgraded already? Was it worth it? Anyone refusing to upgrade? How come?

Advice request #3:  There are 500 sales going on this weekend at local furniture stores. We have decided that we should take advantage of that and invest in a good (but not million dollared) recliner for GM. She spends, on average, around eight hours a day in her chair in the den. While it is a comfy chair it is not after 8 hours. She naps on and off through out the day and she likes to put her feet up on the seat of her walker, but then after a while her knees hurt. A recliner sounds like a good thing. But where to begin? Anyone have a recliner that they worship? Or maybe your parents or grandparents have one they could endorse?

And lastly, because this one post took me most of the day to compose, we have just had a series of trick or treaters. Only one child above the age of two. But FOUR families with babies in costumes. Nothing quite so lovely as answering your door to baby after baby after baby after baby. After I tossed the last twix bar at the last customer I felt like screaming, “ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING BABIES!” Must the Universe ring my door bell and flaunt my failures? Seriously- one more baby and I am just leaving the bowl of candy outside. Or maybe I will just leave the milky ways and keep the butterfingers and the twix…

ok- now tell me all about your cell phones, computer upgrades and recliners pretty please.


25 thoughts on “Talk to me: cell phones, computer upgrades & recliners

  1. I got both my phones off ebay. I have a Razr v3i and I love it’s considered an older model now, but I like it. Don’t have a mac so can’t help. As for Halloween, I seriously hate this day, don’t know why but I just do. I’m hiding out and if I could have driven around all night I would have. Sorry about the gaggle of babies on your doorstep.

  2. 1. I don’t have a cell phone, so I’ve got nothing to say in regards to that.
    2. I’ve yet to make the leap to Leopard, but I’d imagine I will soon. I have this *great* tech guy (aka my dad) who takes care of all that crap and I just roll with it. Yes, I am very lucky.
    3. No thoughts on recliners, either, but I do love to nap in one when available.

    I am mystified by the whole NaBloPoMo-thing.

    Whee – I am the first comment! Woo and Hoo!

    Eat the twix and butterfingers and put the damn bowl outside.

    xoxoxox, of course

  3. LOVE my razr phone. Have had it for 2 years (a record for me) and it has been wonnnerful.
    I really don’t know what program I’m running with. Tiger, I think? Since everyone in LA has a MAC, neighbors just pass around new software when they get it and I install dutifully. I think it’s always best to update with new software whenever you can.
    Speaking of texts, did you get mine today? Man… there is nothing in the world that’s gonna get me down to that overcrowded Santa Monica Blvd tonight. But I would go if you were here.

  4. I have an iphone and adore it beyond reason. I don’t think it’s an extraordinary phone, but the other stuff rocks. I can’t help on the other front as I’m chained to a pc and covet your mac. As far as the old Halloween, I want to kick a few of the cute trick or treaters too. Maybe I could just shoot them with water guns?

  5. one thing you might want to think about for recliners ~ down the road, it may be nice to have one that elevates itself, i dont know what the call them – motorized isnt the right word. electric? not right. but you know what i mean. they are WAY TRES NICE for someone who needs a little boost getting up.

    so i googled “electric recliner” ~ they are also known as “Lift Chairs”… so yeah. check on that 🙂 my mema had one, and it was GREAT for her

    no word on the phone. i do have a MOtorola KRZR and it is *red* and ~shiny~ and that it two of the reasons i love it. i have service with a company sounding like Horizon Fireless, and have been a customer for 13 years. they have the best coverage and service for me being in the northeast…

    no ideas about the mac and upgrade.

    OH. and i am contemplating the blog-post-a-day thingy…

  6. So with the cell phone: I have the razor and I HATE it. So I will be in the market for a new phone too. But in terms of your battery, this is what I learned: Only charge a battery till it is fully charged. In other words, dont leave it plugged in all night. That shortens the life of the battery. Who knew?

    And leopard….we are looking into it too. It occurs t me, if you have a mac and I have a mac, we can do ichat! Do you have a camera in your computer? That woudl be fun! One of nicole’s employees said that ichat functionality is increased, the new finder is better, and there is something called Time Machine, which he says is cool.

    Seriously, let’s ichat! someday! In pajamas!

  7. i use verizon and i’ve been happy with three generations of the LG flip phone that comes with a rebate when you set up/renew your plan. i currently have the LG-VX5300 – which is nothing fancy, but dose what i need it to do and is pretty easy to use. this phone is almost a year old and my battery stays charged for days on end. it’s the best battery i’ve ever had. i am pretty sold on “LG” phones…i’ve have several cell phones and these seem to hold up, for me at least.

  8. Can’t really help you on the cell phones. I want a smart phone too to replace a cruddy razr. The master of technology in my house says I would drop a better phone too much and since well… today alone it went down 3 times with 1 time the battery falling out…I guess he might be right. Not a mac user sorry. I like Lazy boy recliners without a textured finish.

    Other than that I hear you on the baby trick or treaters.. last year I maybe had 2 but this year they were every other group it seemed. I don’t get that either since it is cold tonight!

    Anyhow… Drink your water!! 🙂

  9. I bought a new phone today – and it is the PALM CENTRO !!!!!
    I have had a treo 650 for 2 1/2 years and been pretty satisfied, but I never expect phones to last more than 2 years, they are designed to break and become obsolete – rule of thumb.

    Ok – the centro – it is pretty and light and the email and web functions are much faster than my old treo. i like the button – they are rubbery so you get better traction, plus you have the touch screen which i think makes it superior to the blackberry. I use sprint and have never had a problem. the blackberry rim service is an extra $40 with sprint but the palm centro syncs with you existing email account – not as instantly, but good enough. and i get to keep up with all my bloggers on bloglines through the web browser. It’s nifty. I splurged and got the bluetooth ear piece – it was only $20 bucks so i figured, why not. with the rebate my total for phone and ear piece is around $180. For a smart phone with all the bells and whistles it’s worth it – and i beat on these phones pretty seriously so i feel like I can justify the investment. I sync with my home and work computer through outlook and I always have all the info I need in a little phone.

    I have gone through 3 bags of candy – I live in the neigborhood of small cute children. I wish i was out with a wee one tonite insteading of giving out the candy at the door.

  10. 1. Can’t help you with the cell phone. I have a discontinued Motorola Pebl which I love to deal. My husband has an iPhone which he loves to death. What about a Sidekick? He had one of those and seemed to like it until he went to Apple store and fell in love with the iPhone.

    2. Yes we are Leoparding here merrily. Husband upgraded (early adopter type). I like the Time Machine option a lot. I guess the only slight niggle is that in the dock it’s a bit tougher to see the programs that are open (no little arrow – now it’s a small glowing spotlight (hard to explain)). Upgrade went fine here once it found the partition and only one freak out by the computer but that could have been an Airport issue we’re dealing with currently.

    3. Don’t have much to say for recliners other than I like some of the snazzy Lazy Boy type ones that Todd Oldham does.

  11. Don’t get the phone I have – the Samsung Katana. It’s a Razr knockoff and the camera sucks. The battery is ok but it’s sometimes hard for people to hear me, I think becuase the mic isn’t the best.

    Not a Mac-er so no help there.

    I agree about the lift recliner. My grandmother had one and it was very good. She liked it and could get up and down by herself even when her mobility was pretty bad. I think Medicaid *might* have paid for part of it? Not sure.

  12. I had a razr until recently when, much to my dismay, I washed it. I loved that phone, for all its stupid hype. Now I’m stuck with perhaps the OLDEST phone ever, a thick little brick by Motorola, probably one of the first coloured phones or something (I’m exaggerating, but it is enormous).

    My wife has this lovely little Samsung deal, it was $20.00 with a contract renewal at Verizon. It takes pictures, texts, has good battery life. I’d give you the full brand name and such but I’m lazy.

  13. love my palm treo 680. internet is super slow though so that’s a waste but my company pays for data. full keyboard for easy texting. syncs easily onto my mac using palm desktop. next stop: iPhone but waiting for next version. as for lepaord, my hubby says to wait until they “get the bugs out.” don’t know when that will be. no recliner suggestions. baby trick or treaters are b*llshit.

  14. OK, um, the moms with babies? It’s really the MOMS jonesing for the candy. Sheesh.

    OK. I LURVE the Iphone – me want iphone.

    Instead, I have the sprint motorola Q – it’s not bad, I’m used to it, but I’m not thrilled with it. I wouldn’t recommend it, honestly, but it’s a good ‘do fer” until I get me my Iphone.

    If you can swing it? Get thee a treo Palm.

  15. As Shelli said…..why would you trick or treat with a baby?? Are they going to eat Twix??

    Hopefully we will get to dress Flipper up next Halloween and go to the neighborhood parade, but no trick or treating.

    I have a very functional Samsung flip phone, no frills (was free), not even a camera, but I will say that the battery lasts a veeeeery long time compared to any phone I have had before.

  16. I swear by Nokia’s – you can drop those bastards a million times and they still work! And the charge in it stays for about 5 days since I’m a low user. The only time I bought a phone that was another brand (Siemens) I hated it and went back to Nokia my good old reliable friend. And it definitely vibrates! I think mine’s a 6280??? Not sure.

  17. I love my Razr and I will tell you why.
    It is thin, very thin, which means when I put it in a back pocket or front pocket it doesn’t make my already tight pants feel tighter.
    It is also Motorola which means it has a lot of ring options and a great scheduler which I cannot live without. It lets me set reminders whenever I want and helps me not miss all my appointments.
    Lastly it’s battery life is fantastic and it recharges fast.

  18. Recliners – there’s a place here that custom makes them suit the user. If there’s somewhere like that where you are, that could be a comfy option for GM, and worth the $$ considering the time she would spend in it.

  19. mmm i too am in hate with my phone. I have had it for nearly a year and I refuse to peel the plastic off the screen, i hate it so much. my husband bought it for me so i don’t bag it out too much in his presence because he thought he was doing something very lovely when he bought it for me, instead of something very stupid.

  20. I write to you from my MBP and I admit now, for the first time publicly, that I purchased an iPhone in Septemeber. Both my computer (lovely iBook) and phone (great Sony 800i) were broken/non-functioning. I’m in love with my iPhone. As I rarely use my cell for actual calls but use it often for txt and now for EMAIL(!!!) I am sold. I was also a person who carried a PDA, cell phone, iPod, and laptop to work! Now – iPhone and laptop (for teaching!).

    Which brings me to the fact that I have not yet upgraded to Leopard. We missed the cheap-o upgrade by 3 days so will wait for Beth’s dad to buy the family pack and do their two computers and our two macs (old desktop).

    No recliners… and the toddler didn’t twicka-tweet since she was beat after her day.

  21. cell phone – I have the verizon LG Envy phone… the silver one and I like it alot for texting. It is great for texting. It echos a bit on phone calls, but I honestly like to text more than I do call anyhow 🙂 Good luck girl!

  22. 1) I have a Razr, and it’s just “meh.” I don’t use my cell that often, but I’ve noticed over the past year and a half, the battery life is shorter. I usually break mine more frequently than that, so this is new for me.

    2) I haven’t yet upgraded to Leopard, but I’m dying to.

    Sorry about all of the babies. Trust me, I know how badly this can make you feel 🙂

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