While we wait…

Let’s have a little talk about politics. Now before you run screaming for the hills I am not saying let’s debate about politics. In fact I imagine a debate around these parts would be the most boring thing ever. It would go something like this:

Me: I am pro woman! I am pro environment! I am pro equal rights! I am pro a trader joe’s in every state!

You: Me too!

Debate over. See? Dull.

But with it being November and all I do find that I am wanting to read up on politics so that next year isn’t so overwhelming.

This is where our little conversation comes into play. I want to talk issues. As in what are THE top three (or two, or one) issues that will decide who gets your dangling chad next year. Are you unwavering on it? Are you gung ho about a particular candidate already or are you just waiting to see who your party can get behind and then jump on that train?

Something that I found extremely interesting/insightful was a link that will, based on how you answer a series of questions, tell you who your ideal candidate is.

Of course there was no 100% ideal candidate for me. The closest was (shock) Chris Dodd. Really? Um. Interesting. Very close behind him (by 2 percentage points) was dear Barack. And three candidates down was Hillary. In fact I am a bit surprised that I didn’t line up much with her. What is that about?

So who were your top candidates in the test? Do you agree with it? And let’s start talking issues (in a friendly way please). And feel free to post anonymously if you want/need to.


37 thoughts on “While we wait…

  1. I got Kucinich as well. What these tests don’t measure is what actually gets people elected: politics. I may agree with most of Kucinich’s ideas, but that doesn’t mean I think he’d be the best person for the job. I’m still working this out in my head, but I know that I was scarred from voting for Nader in 2000. Our system is (unfortunately) much more complicated than we’d like it to be…

  2. I have no idea who some of these people are. Alan Augustson? Kent McManigal? I’m surprised Lyndon LaRouche isn’t on here.
    I like all of the Democratic candidates enough to vote for any of them (except maybe Bill Richardson–he always seems really confused during debates).

    1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
    2. Dennis Kucinich (86%)
    3. Barack Obama (85%)
    4. Al Gore (not announced) (77%)
    5. Alan Augustson (campaign suspended) (75%)
    6. Christopher Dodd (75%)
    7. John Edwards (74%)
    8. Joseph Biden (73%)
    9. Hillary Clinton (73%)
    10. Wesley Clark (not running, endorsed Clinton) (73%)
    11. Bill Richardson (67%)
    12. Michael Bloomberg (says he will not run) (67%)
    13. Mike Gravel (60%)
    14. Ron Paul (56%)
    15. Kent McManigal (campaign suspended) (49%)
    16. Elaine Brown (44%)
    17. Mike Huckabee (34%)
    18. John McCain (30%)
    19. Rudolph Giuliani (27%)
    20. Mitt Romney (26%)
    21. Tommy Thompson (withdrawn, endorsed Giuliani) (25%)
    22. Chuck Hagel (not running) (17%)
    23. Fred Thompson (17%)
    24. Sam Brownback (withdrawn) (15%)
    25. Tom Tancredo (15%)
    26. Newt Gingrich (says he will not run) (14%)
    27. Alan Keyes (13%)
    28. Duncan Hunter (5%)
    29. Jim Gilmore (withdrawn) (5%)
    30. Stephen Colbert (campaign ended) (4%)

  3. I think a lot of what has Clinton lower in quiz results like this is that she initially supported going to war in Iraq.

    Much as I like Kucinich, I’m not a vote-thrower-awayer. My top 2 real candidates were Obama and Clinton, in that order.

    What I found most entertaining is that Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee were my top Rs. I think both of them are better than most of their peers on civil liberties issues, which are important to me. Not that I’ll be voting Republican.

  4. This was how my list starts out…

    2. Dennis Kucinich (74%)
    3. Hillary Clinton (70%)
    4. Joseph Biden (69%)
    5. Barack Obama (67%)
    6. John Edwards (67%)
    7. Al Gore (not announced) (65%)

    I’m a little surprised Clinton came out ahead of Obama. I’m a registered independant….and I’m still working out who I feel the most electible candidate is of my favorites.

  5. 1. John Edwards (67%)
    2. Ron Paul (65%) – Huh??
    3. Barack Obama (62%)
    6. Hillary Clinton (54%)

    Very interesting stuff!

  6. I’m waiting to see who winds up rising to the top in my party. I can more or less (for various reasons) get behind most of the front-runners, and like most of them better than the frontrunners in the other party, so…I’m where I usually end up. My hypothetical perfect candidate doesn’t exist, sadly.

    My top issues are taxes, the economy and healthcare.

  7. lol at the last comment! I think these results are really telling. The fact that most people have lined up the most with Kucinich but wouldn’t ever vote for him is a little confusing to me. This same kind of “quiz” was given in Ohio and 60% of the people lined up with Kucinich there also. Maybe if people actually voted based on their beliefs and not on the “politics”, somebody like Kucinich could be electable. Just a thought. This is a great discussion and regardless of who anyone chooses to vote for, it is nice to see people getting involved!

  8. You know I knew already that my beliefs lined up with that of Kucinich on these major issues but the problem is that he has other positions, less well known, that are farther to the left than I am (truely) comfortable with. Lately I’ve been liking John Edwards – he seems less slippery than some of the others but my results came out like this:

    1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
    2. Dennis Kucinich (96%) Information link
    3. Barack Obama (88%) Information link
    4. Alan Augustson (campaign suspended) (87%) Information link
    5. Joseph Biden (80%) Information link
    6. Christopher Dodd (80%) Information link
    7. John Edwards (78%) Information link
    8. Hillary Clinton (77%) Information link

  9. Geez, Cali — you sure called it. It would be almost impossible to debate around here 🙂

    My top three were Kucinich 90% (who I had never even heard of), Obama 88%, and Auguston 85% (again, never heard of him). Hillary was close behind at #6 82%.

    I have to admit that I’m “one of those people” who is going to vote for the Dem candidate, whoever he or she is. But in my perfect political world, I would wish for an Obama and Clinton alliance, one as Pres and the other VP.

  10. That quiz gave me Chris Dodd, but in fact, I think I support Kucinich. I might vote for him in the primary (though I know full well he won’t get the nomination) because I think he is the most earnestly left wing candidate. (and I don’t have strong feelings about the difference between teh other candidates….looks like it’ll be Obama or Clinton, right?)

  11. Interestink. 100% Ideal Candidate, 72% Kucinich, 66% Obama, Chris Dodd, H Clinton and Alan Auguston (never heard of him) rounding out the top. In all honesty I’d love to vote for Chris Dodd, but I just can’t risk having another Potus like Bush. It’ll either be Clinton or Obama for me.

  12. 1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
    2. Al Gore (not announced) (73%)
    3. Hillary Clinton (69%)
    4. Joseph Biden (68%)
    5. Barack Obama (67%)

    Of course. My ideal candidate is make believe.

  13. 1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
    2. Dennis Kucinich (89%)
    3. Barack Obama (80%)
    4. Joseph Biden (77%)
    5. Alan Augustson (campaign suspended) (76%)
    6. Hillary Clinton (76%)
    7. Al Gore (not announced) (73%)
    8. John Edwards (73%)
    9. Wesley Clark (not running, endorsed Clinton) (72%)
    10. Christopher Dodd (71%)

    It doesn’t surprise me that my ideals line up with those of Kucinich; however, I wouldn’t vote for him. He’s simply not electable. There is no way that mainstream America will vote for him. That said, I’m shocked to see Obama so high on my list. I did like him until he started parading around with that vehemently anti-gay, “ex-gay” minister. He’s had too many anti-gay associations for me, in fact. I’m pretty stuck at this point. I wish Al Gore would have run.

  14. Well I’m not an American but I based my answers on if I was, and here’s my top 8

    1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
    2. Barack Obama (81%)
    3. Al Gore (not announced) (80%)
    4. John Edwards (76%)
    5. Joseph Biden (75%)
    6. Wesley Clark (not running, endorsed Clinton) (73%)
    7. Christopher Dodd (72%)
    8. Hillary Clinton

  15. Obama was in the high 80s for me, I forget now.

    Big point of pain for me, as a recent American, is this stinking electoral college stuff. Living in the South means I might as well vote for Kucinich…

  16. Great link! Kucinich was my top match, followed very closely by Obama! I’m still undecided in real life, but currently leaning heavily towards my “second choice” in the quiz.

  17. I posted on my blog but basically it was

    Candidate that doesn’t exist.
    Dennis Kucinich
    Barack Obama
    Joe Biden
    Hillary Clinton

  18. I’m shocked:

    Barack Obama
    Christopher Dodd
    Dennis Kucinich
    Joe Biden
    Hillary Clinton

    I’m not sure who I want to get the democratic nod. Barack doesn’t support same-sex marriage, which is one of my top three issues. Hillary is ambivalent about it. Then there’s Guliani, who is not a dem, but is sort of flaky on the same-sex issue in the way Hillary is. Oh and then there’s the war. Good God. Hillary voted for it, now she’s against. Barack is against.

    I’m so confused about these candidates, and what’s worse is that they don’t do much to improve that confusion. They’re wishy-washy on the core beliefs of their party, which will make garnering the ENTIRETY of that party’s support very difficult. Like for Hillary, if she gets the nod, who knows how many dems will flake to the independent category (Stephen Colbert, anyone?) for a candidate. Or Barack, he doesn’t support gay MARRIAGES, so if he gets the nod, will the gay/lesbian population of America turn their back? Who knows.

  19. I’m a Washingtonian; we’re all politiced out 🙂 I actually haven’t given this enough thought this year. Thank you for kicking my bum to take a better look at the candidates.

    Sending a lot of good thoughts for the test result discussion today.

  20. Even my survey is undecided – three tied at 69% with a 68% right after it:

    1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
    2. Joseph Biden (69%) Information link
    3. Dennis Kucinich (69%) Information link
    4. Hillary Clinton (69%) Information link
    5. Barack Obama (68%) Information link

  21. Kucinich at 91%, Obama and Dodd tied for second, Hillary at #5. I hadn’t even considered voting Kucinich but I loved what Amber said about if we all voted not based on electability. I might give it a shot for the primary.

  22. Well, most of the tests i’ve taken so far have put me up next to Edwards, but apparently none of them match up with me all that well!

    1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
    2. Barack Obama (85%)
    3. Dennis Kucinich (85%)
    4. Joseph Biden (85%)
    5. Hillary Clinton (82%)
    6. John Edwards (79%)

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