T is for Tuesday & Tarot

Ever since Oro introduced me to the bliss that is the on-line Glastonbury Tarot Reading I have been hooked. I try to use it only once a month- if I use it more it looses its glean and suddenly I feel all jumbly and twisted and unclear about my future.

This morning, after I hung up the phone with Dr. Liver’s office (no results yet), I decided to take my angst to the Tarot. And of course I supplied the little box with a dainty little question, “Will I become pregnant in December, 2007?” I figured it was a more fun question to ask rather than, “Will I be Hep C negative?” I made the leap of assumption that if I am negative then I would be trying and if I was trying it would be December…and, well, there you have it.

For starters the cards are stunning- vivid and calming. After you type in your question you are asked to select 10 cards from the deck. Once your 10 are selected your reading begins. It isn’t specific, there won’t be a yes or no answer revealed, but through following the chart you will gain some insight.

Here are some gems from my reading this morning:

  1. My present position- The Star: this is a time of hope and healing
  2. Crossing me- Ace of Staffs: All blockages to your success have now been removed, and you can moved swiftly forward with confidence.
  3. The Future- Four of Staffs: A phase of your life has now drawn to a close, and it is time to move forward into a fresh and exciting new beginning. There is a sense of optimism, and a growing sense of freedom. Plans can now be put into action.
  4. Passing out of your Life- Ten of Swords: This card signifies the ending of a situation that has caused you much pain and sorrow. You have experienced the lowest point in a cycle of your life, and it is now time for life to move onwards and upwards.
  5. The Past- Seven of Chalices: You have the knowledge that a dream can become a reality, you understand the gifts of dreaming, and you can now use that ability to enable yourself to realise a vision that inspires you.
  6. The Future- The Hanged Man: The Hanged Man signifies that, even in the midst of difficulty, there is a need to ‘let go’, to surrender and listen to what your inner self is telling you.
  7. Where you Will find Yourself- Maid of Vesicas: This is a time for birthing new ideas of energy. It can mean Motherhood or the emergence of a new way of thinking.
  8. How Others See you- King of Vesicas: Shows the ability to work hard in order to achieve your goals. This card shows the need for form and structure in your life. You are on the brink of success.
  9. Your Hopes or Fears- Temperance: At this time extremes should be avoided. It is important that you keep your center and resist temptation to rush off at a tangent.
  10. Te Outcome- The High Priestess: This card signifies the power of intuition and the transformation that can take place once you listen to your inner voice. Surrender rationality and allow yourself to look at your feelings.

The reading resonated really well with me. I could be wrong, but my feeling is that I don’t have Hep C and that I will be having a December IVF. And if I listen really closely I can feel a readiness to become a Mother that has never been stronger.

Go get yourself a reading and tell me how it helped clarify. & if it confused you let’s discuss it.


19 thoughts on “T is for Tuesday & Tarot

  1. Very nice.

    i did a reading on whether i am making the right decision on a big life thing lately that you know about but that i haven’t blog-announced so i am not telling here.

    1. TWO OF CHALICES – Love
    indicates the beginning of a new and beautiful relationship, which will bring you great joy. Within an existing relationship, this card indicates an increasing flow of love and a deeper sense of commitment to each other. This is a time when fresh and exciting links with other people are being forged.
    2. FIVE OF STAFFS – Empowerment
    You are now becoming aware of your inner power, and are confident enough to know that you exercise control over important aspects of your life. This card denotes an attitude of fearlessness.
    3. THE STAR
    brings the warm feeling of the calm that follows a storm. Hope can blossom, life glows with promise and possibilities, and there is a new sense of freedom. This card indicates a time when you can bring your dreams to fruition.
    signals that you now feel free enough, and confident enough, to be truly yourself. Fears and insecurities are about to be vanquished, and the feeling coming in is that nothing is impossible. Allow yourself to feel a child-like optimism about the future, as all your needs will be met.
    indicates the overcoming of past obstacles and difficulties. You are now grounded and centred within yourself, which gives you a sense of wholeness.
    6. SIX OF VESICAS – Manifestation
    indicates a time of great expansion that is the result of focusing on your goal. There is an influx of positive energy, and you are now able to see the results of patience and hard work. There is a feeling of optimism, you can be attuned to your heart energy, and are now willing and able to give a great deal more of yourself.
    7. The Chariot indicates positive change. You are moving into a new dimension in your life, which could mean a new relationship, job, or a change of residence. Allow yourself to feel a rising sense of excitement and anticipation, and take charge of the opportunities available to you.
    signifies mastery over the material aspects of your life. This card represents the ability to manifest what is needed in your life, through willpower and focus.
    This could be … the choice within yourself of what type of relationship you are ready for at this time.
    10. SEVEN OF VESICAS – Harvest
    You have worked hard and willingly towards your goal, and have maintained a sense of purpose. Now is the time to bring in the harvest, to celebrate, and to relax. This card brings with it a sense of accomplishment and achievement, and the knowledge that the rewards you are about to reap will nourish you in every aspect of your life.

  2. Your reading is so spooky.

    My question was about whether all will be well with the twins and I’ll have the sort of birth I want (at the moment I am trying to sort out a homebirth if possible but finding it hard to get on the NHS midwives list)

    My present position- NINE OF STAFFS – Strength

    This card represents your inner strength… there is a need to protect and nurture what you have gained … With the achievements that you have experienced so far, you may be feeling frightened of losing, or having taken from you, what you have gained.

    Crossing me- THE HANGED MAN

    The lesson of The Hanged Man is the discovery of a state of inner peace, which enables you to surrender to even difficult situations. This is a time when you need to be patient, and to try not to force an instant solution.

    This card advises you to be prepared to wait a while, until the timing is right for action. What you need will come to you in due course.

    The Future- MAID OF SWORDS

    The Maid of Swords shows that it is now time to rebel against any constraints that are holding you back or blocking your way. You are now realising what energy or people are keeping you from realising your goal, and are ready to speak your mind, make your truth known, and change the situation.

    …It is time to be uncompromising, to be willing to stand alone if you need to.

    Passing out of your Life- KNIGHT OF SWORDS

    If something no longer serves a useful purpose, it is time to let go. New growth can take place once previous, unhelpful, issues have been dealt with, resolved, and released. ( I could interpret this as being about my fear of hospitals and trauma about my mother’s death and all the miscarriages)

    The Past- FOUR OF VESICAS – Integrity

    The Four of Vesicas indicates the need to deal with power issues in a constructive way. There is stability and deep integrity in your dealings with others. You expect people to be as you are yourself, and are disappointed if they let you down. (This could be about my continual feeling of being maltreated by uncaring medical professionals, when in fact, it’s just the system)

    The Future- ACE OF VESICAS

    The Ace of Vesicas indicates the ability to be fully grounded and earthed in reality. It signifies a state of balance and harmony, and is a reminder that it is spirit that gives shape to all form.

    This card … represents wealth on all levels of your life – material, emotional and spiritual.

    Where you Will find Yourself- THE FOOL

    The Fool card is a time of new beginnings, the first step on the journey of self-discovery. It denotes an attitude of trust and innocence, even naivete and also a sense of wonder. The Fool dares to take risks that others would not consider, because he is fully immersed in the moment, and has no concern for consequences.

    This card shows the demeanour of one who is able to step blindly into the future, in a state of perfect, and blessed, trust. The Fool shows that you need to trust, to take a risk, to have a fresh start and leave behind past patterns of thinking or being that have held you back. It encourages you to take a leap of faith and jump joyously into the unknown.

    How Others See you- EIGHT OF SWORDS – Release

    The Eight of Swords indicates that strong feelings need to be safely released. There is a need to free yourself from repressive situations, in order to re-create a happier and more purposeful life. This card signifies a recognition of inner struggle, which leads to a process of ‘letting go’ in order to reach a solution.

    The Outcome- FIVE OF STAFFS – Empowerment

    You are now becoming aware of your inner power, and are confident enough to know that you exercise control over important aspects of your life. This card denotes an attitude of fearlessness, and you can even enjoy battling out a situation – partly for the excitement of the adrenaline surge, and partly because you know that, ultimately, you will be the victor….
    This card is about the willingness to do battle with obstacles, and it enables you to draw on the shamanic aspects of yourself – you have the ability to tap into your own power, and can bring about inner healing through visioning what is necessary…. Whatever you believe you can accomplish, you will be able to accomplish.

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  4. I asked (of course) if I was going to get pregnant anytime soon and I think my reading said that I should let go of that fantasy and let Kristin start trying to get pregnant. I don’t want to post the whole thing here, so I’ll email it to you… actually I can’t email it to you as I clicked away from it, I think. Well, I printed it up… so maybe.

  5. I think my reading told me to give up my fantasy of getting pregnant and let Kristin start trying. I can’t post it here because I clicked away, but I might see if I can email it to you. I printed it…

  6. Holy crap. The scary accuracy of this made Sue the astrologer look like someone Houdini would try to debunk. Thank you for posting this info… and my God… though I try to not base my life on things like this, use them for inspiration only, I am wishing and dreaming and nodding my head with your reading. Spot on!!

  7. Hey, did it and asked the same question. I know I am not very orginial, but I wanted to know if I would get pregnant by the end fo the year. And did get a positive outcome. It seems as if I am getting in touch with my inner power and making room for new experiences. I have to mourn the old so I can make way for the new.

    The tenth card, the outcome card, was the Two of Staff-Gateway and the reading said:

    You are standing on the threshold of new experience. Before you move forward, it is important that you first look back and come to terms with the past, for what has gone before, with all its trials and joys, has brought you to this moment.

    Give thanks for what you have learned, and for any gifts which have transpired from that. This card reminds you that reflection and assimilation are vital in the process of welcoming in the new. Past baggage needs to be released. You can then move with confidence towards the new opportunities which are being offered.

    Question to ponder: Are you now ready to welcome in a new phase in your life?

    Yes, I am ready. I will take this as good news.

    I wrote more about it on my blog.


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