Did anyone else have a massive droolfest over the new season start of Masterpiece Theatre? I love, love, love the newest version of Persuasion. It will be airing a few more times before Sunday so if you didn’t watch it this weekend here is where I urge you to set your dvr. I watched it with GM yesterday morning and loved it so much that I watched it again with Mother in the evening. This may or may not have something to do with my deep, deep love for the brooding and unrealistic men that Jane creates (oh how our minds are the same when it comes to fantasies about men!).This particular version of Persuasion resonated with me on many levels. I like it when Jane’s characters are directed to break the 4th wall. It heightens the anxiety and reels you in. I also love a story in which you wait the entire two hours for the first kiss. (One of my secret favorite movies is You’ve Got Mail for that precise reason.)

PBS has changed the look and vibe of Masterpiece Theatre this year and I am still on the fence about that. I loved the old musical theme- oh the trumpets! (I am also someone that trills at the opening theme music to CBS Sunday Morning.) The new theme starts with the trumpet, maybe a hint of an homage, but then it morphs into some generic theme music that just doesn’t quite do it for me.

Another new thing is that each program will now be introduced. The classics will be introduced by Gillian Anderson, who was superb in last season’s Bleak House (rent it!). But for some reason I didn’t want to see Gillian, especially not with a bad dye job and wonky lip situation going on. I would rather have had the filmmaker present the film.

But I won’t complain much more. Oh no. Because this year they are doing The Complete Jane Austen within the “Classics” subcategory. The season will be divided into three categories: classics, mystery & contemporary. It should be noted that the contemporary piece will be the first American made work.

Next week is Jane’s Northanger Abbey which has been adapted by Andrew Davies so you know it will satisfy. If you like Gothic you will LOVE this. For reals.


15 thoughts on “PBS

  1. I am listening to Spoon and thinking of you. Remember that concert? That was before sh*t hit the fan. I wish I could watch Masterpiece Theater with you!!!!!!

  2. Love, love, love the new IVP graphic. It’s perfect.

    I know what you mean about TV themes. I’ve always loved the Masterpiece Theatre theme, but my favorite is the NBC nightly news. Those trumpets slay me.

  3. I am so very sad that I missed Persuation. Now I will just have to watch it at the mysterious rerun time. I too lust after JA’s ideal man.

  4. I love the calling IVP image! Like the “bat signal” from way back when.
    BTW, you are never considered nosy, I love your concern! (giutd and hsguy are not the same person, not to worry).

  5. I love the image. Your generosity (not to mention creativity) is truly unparalleled, dearest Cali.
    and I LOVE Northanger Abbey. I’ll be there…

  6. Omg how much did I love Persuasion? It’s my favorite Austen novel and I think they did a wonderful job of it. I know GA is currently filming XF 2, but the hair was very off, and frankly, I prefer it shorter. She looks too English with it long. And her American accent’s starting to go, too.

    And the Bat signal? Love it.

  7. I thought that this Persuasion did some things very well, especially the casting. I thought they made especially good choices for Wentworth and Anne’s father. I did think, though, that some of it was too rushed and compacted–the whole William Elliot subplot especially–and the end, with Wentworth buying the Elliot family home for Anne, reminded me too strongly of the equally dopey ending that they tacked on to the end of the recent Keira Knightly Pride & Prejudice (anyway, I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t have been legally possible for Wentworth to buy an estate that was entailed away from his or his wife’s line, no matter how rich he was). This whining makes me sound like I didn’t like the movie when I actually did, but I did have a few complaints šŸ™‚
    If I had to guess, I would bet that Gillian Anderson’s hair is dyed red because she is currently filming the next X-Files movie. She seems to revert to her natural blond when not being Scully.

  8. First, can I just say that the fact that you (and, apparently, many of the commenters above) actually know who Jane Austin was totally makes my day.
    Second, I really, reallly like your “calling IVP” image! I can just picture hundreds of Wonder Women jetting to the rescue of a woman in need :o)

  9. I love the images!! You have a very creative streak in you. I never would have come up with the theme you have going…it’s perfect!

    But masterpiece theater…historically i haven’t really been a fan of austen and her british contemporaries. Does this mean you won’t watch Biggest Loser??!!

  10. Oooo… Jane Austen is one of my favorite authora! I’ve been inspired to dvr the Masterpiece Theater series and then re-read her books so I can watch the movies afterward.

  11. I recorded Persuasion the other night. I have seen that version but it’s been a while. I’m teaching Pride and Prejudice to my honors sophomores this semester… after The Importance of Being Earnest. Don’t you like that play? Also been meaning to ask if you watch or have watched any of The Tudors? I’ve had it this week from Ballbuster Online, and I have to admit to a crush on Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Have you ever seen any of the Forsyte Saga? The newer version.

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