stroller wars revisited

Our stroller (the Mutsy 4-Rider Light) is awesome.
Images Images2
It drives like a dream (moms in my group who tested it called it the Ferrari of strollers compared to theirs) and is nice-looking and functional and extremely cozy (once we got into the big boy seat). He loves being in it and falls asleep every time. Perfect. BUT I would not pick it if I had it to do again. We wanted a stroller that took a bassinet, a car seat and a regular toddler seat. We didn’t need the bassinet. He HATED the bassinet. He hated the car seat, too, of course, but not the way he HATED the bassinet. We used it TWICE. Now the cat sleeps in it. I would have purchased the stroller we are now going to get as our lightweight, travel stroller (the Quinny Zapp). It can take a car seat and that would have been fine for the infant days. And it weighs 12 pounds, which is half what ours weighs. And it folds down to nothing.

BUT when we were picking strollers, the car seat that goes with the lightweight wasn’t approved for the US yet. So I couldn’t have it. And I thought I wanted a bassinet. I thought it would be so cute to have a little swaddly baby in there. I thought he would sleep in it all the time. HA.

When I say all this to Wes, he shakes his head. “I would have overruled you,” he says.

“No, you wouldn’t have. I was pregnant and angry. I would have won.”

“No. You would never have won. Two words. Or is three? Anyway…. Toddler. FunSeat.”

He is right. I never would have won the fight. The Toddler FunSeat wins. It goes on our stroller once Beck is big enough. It has a little fake steering wheel and the most gigantic basket ever. It really is so adorable that Wes once had all the sales guys at Buy.Buy.Baby gathered around the Internet oohing and aaahing at it with him.

Note, written later: Zapp does not recline, I discovered once we got it so maybe it would not have made a good daily stroller after all.

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One thought on “stroller wars revisited

  1. you never know until you KNOW, ya know?


    We’ve learned that, for our cheeky, serious recline and foot rests are the most important functions in a stroller. EVER. The rest? well, it’s all fantasy. That kid has clocked more nap hours in her stroller than any child I know. She EXCLUSIVELY naps in her stroller, although she sleeps in her crib at night. Until we got the Pea Pod Travel Bed Plus for overnights, she’d sleep in that stroller overnight – never did the damn pack and play.

    So, for whatever that’s worth.

    But tell me more about this funseat thing – the front picture doesn’t do it justice. What’s the weight limit?

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