Television in excess….mmmmm

I have said it before, but in case you don’t really get it: I like the television. I love the fantasy of some shows, the romance of others. But the best are the shows that make me talk back to the screen. (something that is almost forbidden in my den as there is a strictly enforced no talking rule)

There was a recent back page column in Entertainment Weekly (that I can’t seem to find the direct link to) about Ear TV vs. Eye TV. I am completely paraphrasing, but the gist is that there are some shows that you just have on while you read blogs or play The Sims- they just get your ear. And then there are shows that you need to be on the couch for- watching as live as you can- so that you can savor the new content as viscerally as possible. This is your Eye Tv (not to be confused with the Eye network, which is really only good for reruns of NCIS as far as I am concerned).

The Eye Tv shows are the ones you need to watch so that you can participate in lively break room conversations the next day or nod smugly as the morning news program of your choice breaks it down scene by scene.

In my house many shows don’t get watched until days after they air. Medium, for example, a show that airs live on a Monday might not get viewed until the weekend. Ditto for Biggest Loser as I never want to watch the show while I am having dinner. Shows like Psych and Monk, even some of the more complex Law & Orders also get saved for a Sunday afternoon loll.

But there are some shows that I need to watch as soon as the twenty minute allotment of commercial time has built up. (thank you DVR) These would be your Project Runways or your Lost episodes and most recently American Idol. Oh yes, I’ve got Idol fever. (just not sure who I am rooting for yet)

Last night’s episode was a tribe merge and at long last the boys & girls could sing together, or, you know, in alternating order.  2 hours of singing people. Ok, maybe it was 45 minutes of singing, 15 minutes of stupid banter/judging and 1 hour of commercials. (so many commercials I actually was forced to watch the last 6 minutes LIVE!)

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by a few of the contenders. People that I had sort of written off were suddenly wowing me (sadly, not Amanda). Of course I can’t be bothered to call in a vote at this stage of the game, but I can have an unofficial poll. Oh yes I can. Go here if you need a reminder of who is who.

[poll=9]  [poll=10]

*At some point remind me that I need to tell you how much I love this new Fox show called New Amsterdam. Seriously love.


22 thoughts on “Television in excess….mmmmm

  1. oh! i LOVE New Amsterdam as well! he’s so cute and the story is so interesting. I mean, sure, sometimes, it’s a little cheesey/predictable, but who cares!? i LOVE it.

  2. I just read that column last night. I so get the “Eye TV vs Ear TV”. Was a very good column.

    And um…we’re incredibly unhip in our household. We watched One Tree Hill, and have never seen an episode of Idol.

  3. Don’t watch Idol, but YES! to the Ear TV/Eye TV. I have long had that notion, without those terms. As a former radio person (hopefully someday again), I would maintain that a significant amount of TV can be “listened” to, no real need for the visuals. I have “listened to” whole episodes of Law & Order in bed, eyes closed, while Co watches, and I follow just fine. Other shows — like Medium — lead to me saying “what happened??” too often. Much more visual show, you actually miss content if you don’t watch.

    In the computer age, and with my multitasking habits, I feel like it is a seriously delicious treat when I actually set aside my other activities and focus on a show.

  4. I love just absolutely love New Amsterdam. Sadly I don’t think it’s going to last. 😦 All the good stuff is cancelled.

    I hate Idol with a passion. LOL!!

  5. I’m with you on New Amsterdam, but agree with Pamala, I don’t think it will last. Now if Masterpiece would just get on with it and give me a fix! 🙂

  6. We have to cope with an AI delay due to the whole overseas thing, so I don’t get to see it until tonight. I’ll vote after I Eye TV it. Generally speaking, I don’t adore anyone in particular like I have in some previous seasons. I do hate some people though – David A., David C., and The Chin who got voted off last week – Kady Malloy. My husband really hated Luke Menard, who was like, blander than bland, so I don’t know what inspired such vitriol in him.

    I watch way too much TV. Between TV and blog reading/writing, I might possibly be the most slack-mouthed, lazy ass in this world.

  7. I don’t watch Idol, but I am also loving New Amsterdam! And I have long been a fan of Medium, but as a non-DVR owning person, sometimes the need for sleep overcomes the need for Medium so I don’t always watch it.

  8. Love DVR, love Runway, love Lost, love Idol. Watched Idol with my brother and SIL last night…sort of pathetic that we PLANNED A NIGHT around watching this show. Anyway, I think stripper David or Kristy Lee Whoever has to go. I really liked a lot of the other performances! We were discussing how this top 12 is filled with really talented people.

  9. Dude, I heart Idol. I got hooked last year when a friend of mine from high school was on. And now? I just love it.

    Dunno if I care at all who wins. I just like it.

  10. I hated Idol until my stint in the loony bin. It was some excellent entertainment for being locked up. Since then, I watched but just the part where they auditioned the crazies. This is the first year that I am watching the main part. And WES is watching with me sometimes! It is not EyeTV for us but somewhere in between the two. I HATE Amanda. I really like Carly but I am a sucker for an Irish accent. I also liked the guy after Carly more than I had before. And I really liked Brooke. Wes and I were both sappily impressed by how ‘in-the-moment’ she seemed.

    We love Medium but haven’t watched in ages since it’s so late. We MUST get DVR. Lost and Runway are my two Eye TV shows. House will be again when it returns someday.

  11. I keep getting sucked into watching Idol. Is it me or does Paula appear exponentially more gorked out of her mind as the season progresses?
    I NEED to watch New Amsterdam. I just keep forgetting to set the damn DVR.
    I do have one new show that I’m enjoying whole heartedly, The Big Gay Sketch Show. :o) I watch it via eyeTunes because this ass backwards area doesn’t get LOGO. Anywho one of the gals actually does an *Elaine Stritch* parody. Oh. My. God. with the funny. I couldn’t find the episode from this year on YouTube but I did find this one This one is pretty funny but the other ep actually has a cameo from The Stritch *swoon*

  12. I’m so into Idol and I’ve never really watched a full season before this one. I’m addicted now! It’s helping me get through my IVF cycle! We have New Amsterdam tivo-ed so will check it out for sure.

  13. omg we would so hang IRL. obsessed with american idol, love project runway, never miss a LOST, love love love medium and i’m really into new amsterdam too!

    about AI: i couldn’t stop watching david the young’s version of imagine over and over on youtube. i want him to be my son. but i was very sad when he flubbed the words last night. poor kid. the husband thinks he’s just not ready for all this, but i’m not giving up on him just yet. kristy bugs, i love brooke, combover is a bad boy hottie who knows it, aussie guy too. and carly is growing on me.

    in addition to these shows i have to admit i like lipstick jungle just for the light silliness of it all and i’m a huge brooke shields fan. and don’t judge me but i’m very excited the bachelor is back. it’s my guilty pleasure. well they all are, really.


  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE New Amsterdam, too! Hope it manages to make it! (Did you watch Journeyman earlier this season? It was great and New Amsterdam reminded me of it )

    AI — I thought Kristy Lee was the worst, and loved Carly. Chickeze surprised me. I hadn’t been a fan, but he was really good last night. Overall the season is a really good one so far!!

  15. I really want David Cook to win. He’s my favorite of the bunch. Of the girls, Carly, I guess? I like Brooke, and for whatever reason I’ve really warmed to Kristy Lee.

  16. Love the idea of Ear TV/Eye TV, and I’m in agreement that Lost is one of those Eye TV shows (and it’s REALLY one of those shows this season. Wowza!). The production quality alone makes it necessary, but one also never knows when a major twist is going to pop up.

    I hate it admit it, but I wish I had gotten into Idol this season. My partner refuses to let us watch it anymore. She claims it’s for our own good. I say boo.

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