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**Warning #1** Post will contain talk about the finale of New Amsterdam and The Biggest Loser.

**Warning #2** American Idol talk in the comments section.

So hopefully you guys got sucked into the fabulousness of New Amsterdam. (all episodes are on line, if you missed any) This is most certainly my new favorite show. And in a world where my old favorites are drying up and dying off (goodbye, ER. Still pissed you didn’t end the show at Abby’s wedding.) it feels good to have new shows filling the television shaped hole in my heart. (and in case you were wondering, Samantha Who? is also a new favorite of mine.)

So the finale of N.A…it just seemed too damn soon. But I was thrilled that the lady doc was not “the one”. I wasn’t a fan from the beginning as she just seemed too practical and not very romantic. Anyone still wondering if his partner is “the one”? How do you feel about the flashbacks in every episode? What will we do if the show doesn’t get renewed?

Last night we watched the Biggest Loser finale (well fast forwarded through. Who in the world would want to watch a 2 hour recap show?) I am totally the home viewer that has a love/hate relationship with this show. It just shocks me that people can loose so much fucking weight in so little time. Giant numbers on those scales, people. Giant.

I also am the home viewer with a feminist slant that feels like the entire concept of the show if rigged for men to succeed. It is just a fact that women loose weight slower than men and that we have hormonal and emotional variables that sometimes make losing weight nearly impossible. And there were a few episodes of this season where I got so damn annoyed at the show. It literally became a men vs. women show. And the men- oh good night were they obnoxious. One of the leaders of the group was a former college football player and so every challenge he would demand that the men get into a circle, smash their clenched fists together and scream, “pride.”

I can not even begin to tell you how much that creeped me out.

And week after week the men dominated and I became more and more disgruntled. I still think it would be awesome if they did a show just focusing on women. (it would be like the Starting Over house meets Biggest Loser…ah, The Starting Over house. Best show to mock EVER.) But seriously- it would be cool if they did a season with just women and had a team of shrinks to break the pattern of emotional eating. I’d watch that show.

Well the finale was almost a nail biter. People had lost almost 50% of their body weight- in 4 months. Insane. Totally insane. But the final person to weigh in, a spunky gal that we watched melt away the pounds and shed her wallflower personality, stepped on the made for tv scales and held her breath. And she won. And fuck it if I didn’t get a bit weepy.

And that is why I took the dog for a walk at 11pm last night and 7am this morning.

**Another warning- Idol thoughts in the comments**


14 thoughts on “Talking about TV

  1. So. American Idol. Mariah Carey.
    It was horrible. Mostly. Don’t get me wrong, Mariah actually seemed very nice, but having these guys sing her songs was just cruel.
    And why (WHY?!) was my favorite of the night Kristy Lee? I know, smack me. I so so root for Carly every week and every week I feel let down.
    I also really dug (used to have a)Combover Dave.

  2. I felt the same way with Biggest Loser. I am estatic that Ali won. They really should do a show on just girls losing the weight. I wonder if they will do fat march again?

  3. I now have to come out of the closet as a Biggest Loser fan. SOOOO glad that Ali won– bout time a girl came out on top on that show.

    Does anyone else, though, question the healthiness of losing 30-40% of your body weight in a 16-week period? I’ve heard that contestants take laxatives to help things along, and I cannot get behind that at all. Also, the EXTREME exercise– Kelly’s back problems? I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

  4. And now I must confess that I have never watched the Biggest Loser. And I only have watched American Idol about three times ever. I’m not much for the reality TV.

  5. I watched Biggest Loser, but am getting so turned off that show. It’s not really 4 months, it’s 6+ months. OK, so it’s still phenomenally fast, but it’s not healthy. And I came across a couple of blogs by former contestants and they basically admitted to water loading and dehydration before weigh ins, plus colonics and fasting before the finale. So last night I kept thinking how the contestants probably didn’t eat for 2 days or drink for a day, and how on earth they can stand up there and look happy about it? Kai (remember her – season 3? 4?) said she gained 31 lbs in the two weeks following the finale she was in, just trying to stablize her body again after the extreme fasting. Bleh. I mean, it’s great to show that you CAN lose a lot of weight just through diet and exercise, but it’s not realistic.

    Anyhoo. Loved New Amsterdam, but you’re right, it does seem to have been a short season. And I love the flashbacks! It’s what makes the show unique. I’m glad the lady doc wasn’t the one, but then again, I’ve got an awful feeling that they’ll string out the hunt for “the one” and it’ll get cancelled so they’ll end up showing him finding her and dying in one episode. Which won’t be satisfying either.

  6. Idol is the only programme of those listed that we get over here, but I have yet to see this week’s performances (they’re on tomorrow night). I don’t really like weeks like this one when they do the music of an artist you can’t do much with. I HATE HATE HATE David Archuleta and hope he goes soon. I doubt he will, but he’s just irritating and creepy in a male Stepford kind of way and I HATE HIM. I think he looks like Gordon Brown, but my husband thinks I’m obviously on some sort of illegal narcotic to think that. Whatevs. I’m all about Castro. Love him. I don’t care what he does, I will love him forever.

  7. “Anyone still wondering if his partner is “the one”? How do you feel about the flashbacks in every episode? What will we do if the show doesn’t get renewed?”

    No I don’t think his partner is the one and if they make the entire show about him dating girls and then dumping them because they’re not the one, I’ll be annoyed. Needless to say I don’t think this is the last time we’ll see the Doctor.

    I love the flashback in the episodes, it’s very fun to see what he’s done.

    If Fox cancels this show it wouldn’t be a surprise but I’d be disappointed for sure.

  8. I couldn’t bear to watch AI this week, as I can’t stand Mariah Carey. I hope Jason sticks around – he is my favorite, and I’m with MsPrurock – can’t stand David A! Really the only show I watch reliably is ANTM. All that b*tchiness makes me feel better about my own non-glam life.

  9. I really like David (former combover) and it makes me sad that Simon is always so, so mean to him. Carly disappoints me, even though, like you, I pull for her every week. The one I absolutely dislike is Syesha…it’s not her singing that I hate, it’s her … I don’t know … personality maybe?

  10. I do not watch AI.
    I do not watch BL but have before here and there. I could easily lose a ton in a live-in situation with trainers like that. Easily. I have before, twice, on my own. But I could not keep it off and that is the problem.

    NA was good. I want him to get that “feeling” again he did when he was in the subway in the first episode. The flashbacks are o but sometimes I like them way more than others. It also seems like they are stuck in flashing back to the late 1800 and early 1900’s. Maybe not. I do not think it is his partner. I DO keep thinking he is going to meet someone else who was given the same “magic” and I have no idea why I keep thinking that.

    I adore Samantha Who. I laughed a lot this week especially at the end. I ADORE Melissa McCarthy (never knew she was Jenny McCarthy’s cousin). I loved her in GG (one of my fav shows ever) and love her in this. I think this show is so well cast. I also love how there are 2 from “Related” in the cast. THAT was a show I was so bummed left the air.

    Hey Cali, did you ever watch John from Cincinnati? I thought that was an incredibly smart show.

    Love to you.

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