Stepping Out on My Men

I’ve been a Ben & Jerry’s girl since I first had the economic power to buy my own premium ice cream.  Now, I’ve been known to slum it with Dreyers and with Breyers (what is up with those similar names, eh?) and with Snelgroves and even Blue Bunny on occasion, but if I have the money to spend on a pint of super premium ice cream (and no one who’s going to insist on sharing) then Ben and Jerry are the only names on my lips.

Until now.

Last night I was idling around the ice cream aisle, listening to sweet seduction when a Haagen Daas pint caught my eye.  Hawaiian Lihue Honey and Cream.  I have a soft spot for Hawaiian honey ever since I bought a tiny jar of white honey on Honolulu and fell in love.  So, as my loyal heart cried foul, my cheatin’ fingers wandered over to that exotic carton and threw it into my cart.  And then, in a fit of remorse for the broken faith I’d shown my men, I also threw two of the cutest, tiniest little cartons of B&J into my cart.  Not that that fixes anything, because of course my remorse was not enough for me to put the Hawaiian temptress back on the shelf.

Back home, I pried open the lid to be greeted by creamy waves and honey ripples.  OH!  the sweetness of it.  LORD!  the richness.  Honey and cream, but oh so much more!  the honey tastes of flowers, the cream of grassy meadows.  It was one of the simplest and most decadent ice creams I have ever in my life tasted.

And the heaven when it was paired with a warm peach pie.

Ben and Jerry will always have a special place in my heart.  Phish food, Cherry Garcia, Festivus… memories I shall always cherish.  But they’ve been put aside in favor of sweet cream and golden honey.

I think I’m going to try the toasted coconut sesame one next…


8 thoughts on “Stepping Out on My Men

  1. That cracks me up, as I am an HD gal to the core, and only venture over to the other team if it’s on sale. Even then there aren’t too many flavors I like… they have too much stuff going on for me. I like my ice cream simple, pure and intense – Haagen Dazs coffee all the way. Of course, on the budget plan I buy what’s on sale most of the time and it’s either Breyer’s or Edy’s here.

    I think Breyer’s and Dreyer’s are the same company which is even weirder….

  2. Yup; Haagen Dazs has always held top spot for me. The coffee icecream was a total revelation the first time I had it. I’d sit with that little tub, shaving curls off the top. Absolute nirvana.

  3. GM is a rabid HD gal. We actually don’t even call the stuff ice cream- it’s “Haagen dessert”. (you know- just like kleenex is a name brand but we all use it to describe tissue)

    They have a lowfat flavor that is called caramel cone & it is like PMS remedy in a pint.


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