Let You Entertain Me

So while we pry our eyes away from the clock let’s talk about my favorite thing: tv. MMMMM….I do love me some tv. And summer is chock full of train-wreck reality television. Yummy.

Here is what I am watching and some of my super brilliant thoughts:

1) So You Think You Can Dance: Everything about this show makes me smile. I love the host and think that we would totally be good drinking buddies. I adore most of the personalities of the dancers. And as long as the dance has a story line then I eat it up. What I don’t get is some of the inside jokes. ‘Splain me this: what is “buck”? And what does it mean when they put their hand on their shoulders like that? And does anyone else think that Joshua looks a bit like Rosie Perez? And how adorable is Twitch?

2) Project Runway: 2 episodes in and I am struggling to find the person I want to root for. I dug Korto but now it seems like she has design insecurities. I like the two rockabilly chicks and am totally amused by the woman that looks like Cher and is obsessed with leatha. But this guy Blayne gives me a tummy ache. (“It’s not a name. It’s an appliance.”) It feels like the cast has a few too many characters that are bent on coming up with stupid catch phrases. Talking about yourself in the 3rd person does not = “hot tranny mess”. “Licious” does not = “fierce”. Design stuff, be yourself, then I will love you. Promise.

3) Nashville Star: I can not stand anything that comes out of Billy Ray’s mouth. His teleprompter skills are horrible and his attempts at impromptu banter make me cringe. So basically I fast forward and listen to the songs and that is it. I don’t even listen to the judges anymore because every week it is the same advice, “be more country”. Gotcha. But to be honest I got sucked into this show because one of the contestants had a great back-story. (mom of 5 sons, always wanted to be a singer…) And I am a total slave to a good back-story. Plus she is a pretty talented woman.

4) Shear Genius: These people are all crazy. Seriously. Crazy. But I have always liked the hair part of a makeover story and this show is all hair. It does get over the top in every episode but the last few have been yanking on the heart strings.

5) Next Food Network Chef: Why am I watching this? WHY?? It sucks hard. It is actually painful. But a part of me is rooting for the total OCD lady with good fashion.Β  But really- I can’t imagine ANY of the contestants hosting their own food show.

6) Design Star: Another time suck that I wish I had never started watching. So so dull and drab. But like I said, I dig a good makeover story…Thank goodness I just saw a commercial for Bravo’s Top Design (it’ll be on in September!)

7) Why I am NOT watching Big Brother: because I think it will give my DVR an STD

So what are you guys watching and loving/hating? We have HOURS to fill while we wait for beta beta bo schmeta…sigh


44 thoughts on “Let You Entertain Me

  1. Just popped by early to wish you luck and to let you know I’ll be thinking about you today. As soon as I get back home I’ll be running to the computer.

  2. Let’s see, summer shows. Army Wives. Mostly just frivolous fun, but it’s something to look forward to on Sunday evening.

    And we just started watching The Cleaner. Sometimes hard to understand the dialoge, but the stories so far have been really good. And they develped characters with a good backstory, without confronting you with it all at once.

  3. – Were you watching the dog grooming show? I can’t remember, but I think you said you were. That was awesome. I miss it already.

    – I am so enjoying the two hometown girls on PR. Oh, and Ohio is 2 for 2 in wins donchaknow? Since (spoiler) won the other night, I guess he must be talented (his dress WAS awesome), so I guess we’ll have to put up with his theatrics for a while.

    – Design Star *is* a gigantic snore this year, isn’t it? I hate that they are making America vote. I don’t want to participate, I just want to watch.

    – Shear Genius – Still waiting for someone to root for. It’s not nearly as much fun when you don’t give a crap who goes home.

    – We don’t watch the dancing show. No particular reason, we just drew a line and haven’t crossed it.

    – Not reality, but have you been watching Weeds? Tres amusing this season. LOVING it. Oh, and the call girl show afterwards is pretty good too. I missed the beginning so I need to go back and do some on-demand to catch up.

  4. Just popping in to see how things are and to let you know I’m thinking of you today. Oh and I’ll be refreshing every 5 minutes πŸ˜€

    As for good TV, the only one I’m getting into is The Cleaner.

  5. Big Brother all the way, televisual STDs or no. And Britain’s Missing Top Model, which I guess you don’t get, not living in Britain and all. But look out for the American version – there’s bound to be one! Does any of this tosh make the time go quicker?

  6. I watched So You Think You Can Dance for the first time last night, but couldn’t get into it. That’s what I get for trying to watch for the first time that far into the season. The only thing interesting I’ve seen this week is some show on HBO called Cat House (about a brothel).

  7. J and I call Next Food Network Star the Next Food Network Trainwreck. We can’t stand it, and can’t turn away.

    I’m pleased? embarrassed? ashamed? To say that this past Sunday, I flipped back and forth between it and… High School Musical: Get in the Picture. Now THAT’S something I can rant about. Yikes.

    We’ve been watching PR, but feeling rather “meh” about it — neither of us are fashion type people, so (aside from Tim Gunn) it generally has to work harder than other shows to keep us amused.

    We watched a bunch of Design Star when we were on vacation, but haven’t since. The others we don’t watch at all.

    And I fear that, with the wii, our tv watching will go down further. alas.

  8. Mia Michaels from SYTYCD is my best friend. She just doesn’t know it yet. And yes, Twitch is freaking adorable. I like Mark too, although he’s not the best dancer – he’s just so pretty! Joshua makes me want to root for him and Will is just gorgeous. The girls are kind of enh for me this year. I do like Comfort, but she’s not the best dancer.

  9. I was so sad to see Will go last night. It should have been Mark. Twitch is absolutely adorable. The “4 Real” thing is confusing me too. I’ve watched every episode and I don’t get it. I found a website for 4real, some type of organization but I have no idea if that’s it. I’m clueless. I need to know.

  10. TV shows with new episodes that I’m watching now: Ice Road Truckers (not as good as last season, but still worthwhile); The Deadliest Catch (one of the best shows on TV); Intervention (I love this show, I can’t explain it).

  11. I’ve never seen any of those shows! I like Ace of Cakes, does that count? But typically, reality TV is not my thing. I hate watching people be mean to each other.

  12. I got so bored with the TV that I have basically stopped watching it. Sorry, can’t be very entertaining! I have just put TV watching on hold until the new fall shows come out. But I am counting down the hours with you.

  13. SYTYCD has become a bit of an obsession for me this summer (like a certain Twizzler addiction I picked up in the Summer ’06 when someone peddled ’em to me while the previews for Prairie Home Companion were rolling . . . uh-huh, you know who you are). I’ve made my mother and sister watch certain performance on YouTube: No Air (Katee & Joshua), A New Day (Twitchington), Bleeding Love (Chelsea & Mark) have been favorites, most anything choreographed by Mia Michaels and I can’t count the number of times I watched the Top 18 Shane Sparks group number. (I have thus far managed to resist the impulse to try some of the moves from that one . . . bum hip ;0)

    But my great love has been Will. I know, I know . . . he doesn’t “connect” with segments of the audience. I think that his soulfulness is just too much, too other . . . Maybe that’s why, as he was selected for the Top 20, Debbie Allen, his mentor, said to him “show them your joy, baby.”

    I suppose that’s what he was trying to do when he donned a wig and did a James Brown impersonation, one that looked pretty much like Eddie Murphy’s SNL skit from the early 80s, rather than dance his heart and soul.

    When he was the first guy to go into the bottom last night, I hit “record” and changed the channel; I just couldn’t watch. And if I’d known he was joined by Twitch, who I do adore; he’s from my hometown . . . I think he’s a great performer and he has a lot of heart.

    But Will. My heart.

    I woke up this morning, went to the site to see whose picture was dark . . . Let me just say there was weeping. Well, a tear or two. And my stomach hurts.

    Okay. I just needed to share. I feel a little better. A little bit. (Wail: “Oh, Will!”)

    Who have you guys been way-sad to see go? On any of the shows.

    (P.S. “Buck”? 21st century shorthand for “Buck Wild” (remember that from the 80s? As in “that dance was buck wild!” And the hand gesture? Sign for “For Real” . . . sort of like “right on” (geez, guess that’s the 70s . . . now I’ve dated myself ;0).

  14. Yea, Design Star kinda sucks this season. But I’m an HGTV addict and love that my kids can watch it. I must admit that when that young queen was booted a few weeks ago and started bawling for his mommy, I was peein’ in my pants.

    Hang in there today. Sending lots of happy thoughts your way.

  15. buck is like really really fucking cool. the hand on the shoulder is coupled with the words “for real for real” which is something comfort always says. twitch is adorable.

    i won’t mention the fact that we are all waiting for your beta results.

  16. I was so happy to see will go last night that I squealed. Yes will is the best technical dancer on many things, but he is so affected. He rubbed me the wrong way sooo much. For the guys I love Joshua and Twitch both. I love Mark too but the others have more talent I believe. As for the girls, I love love loved Kourtni Lind but sadly she left eons ago. I really like all 3 that are left. Katee is soo good but she can irk me sometimes. I think Courtney is sooo awesome and adorable and beautiful but she does not have as much raw talent as the other two so we shall see. Sadly, as almost always happens, the guys personalities have overshadowed the girls and there will likely be guy winner.

    As for Project Runway, omg Blayne is such a tweeker. I swear he was high that whole first episode. I think Kelli is very talented, I also think Daniel is talented. I like Korto as well but she fell A P A R T when she got even some criticism. That was a big WHOA for me, I hope she can take it in the future. I like Suede as well. I do not have a front runner already but that is what I have always liked about the show. The talent really ends up swaying you. The winner last season annoyed me a lot at the beginning but my gawd he was sooo talented you just had to root for him in the end. I like that the talent supersedes the personalities more on this show, at least for me they do.

    I do not watch any other of the reality shows except Ace of Cakes, but that is different.

  17. OH, duh me..sheesh…

    So the hand gesture is a like a compliment that you are keeping it real and really did well.
    Buck means down dirty nasty leaving it all on the floor kind of thing.

  18. we dont’ watch reality TV, but both Klove and I are really into TV this summer. We’re loving Swingtown and In Plain Sight and Burn Notice and Psyche. We watched an episode of The Cleaner and liked it, too, but feel like that’s just too many TV shows to be into. We wish we could be watching Weeds, but we don’t have Showtime so we’ll have to wait for it to come out on DVD.

    We’re also addicted to all the CSIs and are gleefully watching them all the time on Spike and A&E… le sigh

  19. Hoping for super fabulous #’s today!!! I will be checking your blog religiously today so pleease post as soon as you hear πŸ™‚ As far as TV, Big Brother all the way-it’s ridiculously caddy and annoying but I can’t help myself. My other new favorite reality is Hopkins, of course I have to watch with tissues handy-but it’s wonderfully sweet and touching as well!

  20. DP and I were obsessed with the Bachelorette until a couple weeks ago. I watched a snipped of SYTYCD last night and thought Twitch was adorable. I used to be a Big Brother die-hard, but stopped watching when they ran that extra one this winter/spring. Now whenever I see the commercials it does make me go “ewww” even though I used to love that trash.

  21. I also love SYTYCD. Although I’m thinking about boycotting. Last week Kerrington got voted off and now this week Will?? Will was one of the BEST dancers on there!! I’m bummed!!

    As for the shoulder thing, it is because Comfort dislocated her shoulder so they have been doing it since then. It means 4 real, that’s why they use 4 fingers. Does it make sence to me… not so much… but that’s what I understand about it.

  22. I luurrrrrvveee Project Runway. It makes dh run screaming to the other room but I don’t care. I completley agree with all of your assessments. I really like the vaccuum bag dress girl (forgot her name). That was ingenious. However, the cher/leatha lady totally cracks me up. “I like leatha” bahahaha

  23. I have project runway on my DVR, but haven’t started it yet. I am actually obsessed with the first season of LOST on DVD right now…it is making for some good summer entertainment!

  24. SYTYCD: I love this show. I too love everything about it. I love the costumes, the personalities. Even Mary has grown on me in a strange way with her screaming and hot tamale traine. The dancers this season are amazing. It was hard, once they hit the top ten, to imagine anyone going home.

    NFNS: The OCD chick with fashion sense is oddly appealing to me in that I can’t stand her. Maybe watching her is akin to watching a train wreck. I don’t know, but I agree that not one of these people would be able to lead their own show. I think the selection committee chose really poorly this time around. All of the contestants have had fatal flaws if you ask me.

    Shear Genius: This is one of my favorites because I love hair. The personalities are always a bit wacky, and Jaclyn Smith kind of annoys me, but I love the things they do.

    Project Runway: I haven’t been watching it this time around, but I should. I need to wait until Bravo has its weekly marathon recap of this season’s episodes so that I can get into it. What is it about Bravo anyway? They used to have a variety of shows, movies, etc. Now they seem to play the same five shows all week long. Weird.

  25. SYTYCD is a huge favorite in this house. I literally get depressed thursday morning thinking it is a whole 6 days to wait for the next round of competition and new dances. I don’t know what to do when it ends in two weeks. I also don’t know what to do without Will on the show. I wanted him to win. Who to root for now???

  26. The hand on the shoulder is ‘for real’. I think it was something Comfort made up.

    I think Mark is cute. I think Twitch is great. I was sad Will got voted off, as he is technically the best dancer on the show. (I danced until I was 19). I think Katee is going to win!!!!!

    I LOVE that show too… it’s my favourite.

  27. Oh yah Army Wives rocks!
    So You Think you Can Dance – i have watched since it came out! awesome!!!!! Katee and Kortney are great!! hard to say who will win this year! they found some good ones!!! best year yet i think

    Food Network Star – YUK!!! i stopped watching after the first couple of episodes! it sux this year!

    Nashville Star – sux this year too!

    Design Star is always fun!! always some kind of drama! πŸ™‚

    shear Genius is kinda cool. BUT i would never want to find out my hairdresser was a Trainee.. YIKES!!!

    Thank goodness the Fall shows are looking good!!! theres some new ones that look awesome!!!

  28. Army Wives is a must dvr show for me.

    Project Runway… I can’t think of her name but she always wears the flower in her hair– she reminds me of Vicki in Reality Bites (Janene Garafolo–probably butchered her name). I can’t take Blayne and Suede drives me a bit crazy too. The leatha lady is amusing and I think that Kelli (the blonde I think) looks promising. The field is still to big to know who I will end up rooting for. I couldn’t stand Christian sooo….

    Shear Genius–Just started watching this but I must admit that it has held my attention better this time around. I think that Nicole and Dee will be in the finals.

    And my inner goody two shoes is really enjoying The secret life of the American Teenager though I find it hard to reconcile that Molly Ringwald really is that old.

    Hope the numbers are bountiful and quick to arrive!

  29. I liked Blayn’s silk over pink material dress. But I love the pinup looking girl.

    Next food network star. LOL. I watched the 3 seasons ago when Guy won. Then last season and I think , while that guy did lie, he would have been entertaining. And the girl who won NEVER had a show, did she? She sucked.

    And now this season, they suck too. They aren’t doing a good job at getting a large enough pool to start from. Too limited.

  30. I love watching reality shows, but I find it hard to talk about them because I can’t remember anyone’s names. I end up saying things like, “You know that one with the crazy black hair who always talks with that yippie voice? Yeah, that one…”

    But Twitch – oh, how I love Twitch. And I’m glad that Comfort finally got the ax because I was tired of watching her do the same non-choreographed chicken dance every week when she had to dance for her life. I think that errr…the cute Asian girl (who Frank just told is Katee) will probably win it. She’s my favorite. The first dance that she and Twitch did this week was HOT!

    I’m glad that Project Runway is finally back and I also don’t have a favorite yet. I started out feeling pretty good about whatsherface-with-the-afro-who-designed-the-tablecloth last week, but I was sorely disappointed when she started crying because she got a bad review. Tears I don’t mind, but it’s way too early in the season for that. I hope she toughens up and grows a thicker skin.

    Run’s House is about the only show that I watch on MTV and it’s finally back! I do not miss Run’s House. I want Run to adopt me and I tell Frank to take notes.

    Frank and I have been watching the 7-part series on HBO called Generation Kill, about a unit of Marines in Iraq at the start of the war. It’s funny as hell, but if you read between the lines properly you’ll see that it’s a drama. Good show. Sunday nights.

  31. I’m watching “Swingtown” and it seems like any night of the week you can find a murder mystery on Primetime/Dateline/20/20 involving a murderous spouse. Wipeout and the Japanese Game Show show are also cute.

  32. OK I can’t be the only one watching the baby borrowers. I guess maybe since I have teens, I want to see how they cope (or don’t mostly) with infants, then toddlers, preteens, teens, and seniors. I don’t think any of these kids should have kids any time soon. Hubby is a tour de France junkie, so we watch that forever long recap every night. Just waiting patiently for the olympics and then the fall season.

  33. Wait… No-one’s watching America’s Best Dance Crew? M-TV, Thursday. Glad to see a vote for Run’s House – FAN-tastic. And Flipping Out. Love.

    Nice Beta there… YEAH!

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