Did you really think I was done talking about it?

I mean. Seriously. It is pretty much all that I think of when I am not thinking about other things. It takes up virtually all of my free time and it inspires me to have wicked crazy dreams at night.

I am, of course, referring to NON reality show television.

When I recently wrote about the summer shows I was watching/enjoying I knew that I would be able to come back to the subject and discuss the _______ (wait. what do we call shows that aren’t reality shows??) that I have grown to love in the hot, sweltering, summer months. There are quite a handful of programs out there getting my prime DVR space. Let’s talk about them:

1) Mad Men: I didn’t watch this show last season because by the time I had heard about it the plot was too thick for my small brain to penetrate. Thankfully AMC put the entire first season on demand and I watched every episode in one weekend (which is pretty much the best way to spend a weekend when you are trying not to think about other things.) I love this show. Love. And not just because I have serious covet over the female wardrobe, but because it is smart, clever, and surprisingly deep. PLUS I just had a mind-blow the other night when I realized that Cut-throat Bitch from House plays Mrs. Draper’s next door neighbor, Francine!

2) The Closer: Some episodes are brilliant. Some episodes all I can think about is how shitty Brenda’s southern accent is. Some episodes feel a LOT like Murder She Wrote– right down to that Jessica Fletcher styled “aha”moment. Man I miss Jessica…

3) Burn Notice: This show was The Awesome last year. A funny action show- brilliant! This season feels a bit stalled and I can’t figure out why. Too much of Michael’s Mother? Not enough Fiona? But it is still totally worth checking out. They do a pretty good job of making each show virtually independent of the rest so you don’t really have to have seen every episode to enjoy it.

4) Swingtown: Look. I’ll be honest. The ONLY reason I first tuned in to this show is because of a past secret love affair I had with Melrose Place. Grant Snow is here: often topless, and TOTALLY working the ‘stache. The plot is goodish but tune in to watch Janet steal every scene with her wide eyed panic over the 70’s.

5) My Boys: Who knew TBS had it in them? From the network that brings you 4 episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies a day comes this totally original and fun sit-com. The writing is wonderful and the characters are very well fleshed out. Last year TBS ran back to back 30 minute episodes and it was like candy. This year you just get one episode a week. If you haven’t watched it you can catch up on demand. 100% endorsing. It is that good.

6) Psych: If you are in your 30’s you must watch this show. Sure it is a bit like Scooby Doo when it comes to the basic plot of each episode (which is usually a murder) but it is the banter between Shawn and Gus that make this show one of my favorites. In every episodes there are laugh out loud mentions of 80’s pop culture. This last week was an homage to John Hughe’s movies.

7) Monk: I put this show on the list because I felt like I had to. I mean it comes on the same night as Psych and it is usually quirky and interesting. But if I am being honest, it just feels a bit forced this season. I used to be able to laugh at Monk, now he just makes me anxious.

8 ) Weeds: This is another show that I never watched until a month ago. I also spent an entire weekend watching previous seasons on demand. And now that they have finally done away with the most annoying theme song ever I am totally hooked. Sure, there was a story line recently that really bothered me, but this show is always moving forward and taking me out of my comfort zone.  And how hot is the new Mexican mayor character?!

9) In Plain Sight: This show is hit or miss for me. The main character is 80% annoying, but I think I am easing up on judging her. I dig seeing part of the witness protection program at work- even though I am sure it isn’t really like how the show portrays it. But it is one of those mysticism things and I have always found the subject fascinating. Warning: annoying Mother character played by Leslie Ann Warren, the go-to actress for annoying Mothers.

Are any of you guys watching these shows? What are your thoughts? If you are going to talk about recent episodes be sure to give a spoiler alert. (Like the last episode of the first season of Mad Men!! WOW!)


28 thoughts on “Did you really think I was done talking about it?

  1. I also watch Weeds & In Plain Sight, and have similar feelings about them. Weeds is available online @ watchtvsitcoms.com (along with some other really good tv) for those of us that don’t subscribe to Showtime.

    The one that is definitely missing from your list, tho, is Saving Grace. I LOVE that show. It’s certainly not the best acting ever, and sometimes the plot can be a little predictable, but I just love the character development. It’d be hard to pick it up in the middle of season 3, but if you get the opportunity to catch up from the beginning of the series, I think it’s worth spending a weekend to do so.

    I might have to check out Psych. I’ve debated, but haven’t committed to watching. Will have to add it in to the DVR programming.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE The Closer and In Plain Sight. But, I wanted to add one for you…if you haven’t watched Saving Grace yet, I urge you to give it a try. The main character is interesting to say the least. I mean…who wouldn’t love a hard drinking hard living cop who has relationship with an angel?

  3. I almost never (as in maybe once or twice a month) turn on the tv. I’m not saying this to brag, because I’m sure I spend my time in even less productive ways. But I am really going to try to force myself to watch Mad Men because so many people have said such good things about it.

    Assuming, that is, that it’s on one of the relatively small number of stations we suscribe to.

  4. Not a spoiler- but has anyone watched the 1st episode of the new season of Mad Men yet? There is a painfully true to life monologue about infertility that had me weeping.

  5. As for Saving Grace- I have such a hit or miss relationship with the characters Holly Hunter plays. LOVED her in Out of Sight. HATED her in Crash. I have a hard time watching a show if the main character is someone I can’t root for.

  6. How is it that your TV watching is so vastly different from mine? I just don’t understand. Although, I don’t really watch much TV at all, so maybe I would watch these shows if I did watch TV. (Matt is a TV hog, so I don’t have much of an opportunity.)

  7. huge mad men fan here. i love the pace (slow,) love the cast, i’m in love with don draper. he is ridiculously sexy. love his wife and her dark side… i just love hanging out in that era. it’s so well done and very historically accurate, from what i’ve heard. did you catch the minor infertility storyline that looks like it will take off this season?

  8. I LOVE my Boys. I like to think of it as my life in another dimension. Living in Chicago, writing about the Cubs (GO CUBBIES)….so awesome!

  9. I’m currently gorging on MadMen and Weeds. Oh, and love the Closer. I never watch anything when it is “on” TV, and don’t have cable. But I love to rent and watch and blow through whole seasons in a weekend ….

  10. GASP — You think Mary is 80% annoying?!? We may just have our first fight here, sister. I think she’s the perfectly imperfect character to be working in witsec. And I’m pretty sure that her own sister is going to end up in the program and isn’t that ironic, hmmmm? Probably make Mary rethink her whole attitude. I especially like that she keeps trying to change her life and her attitudes. Trying to relate to her sister, trying to make things work with her boyfriend, even though her main defense mechanism is to shut out, walk away, let go, and cancel appointments… ahem.

    I think this season of Burn Notice is stalled because that overarching plot line they’ve introduced — the one with Carla the Cylon — isn’t really feeling very imperative yet. I mean, Michael’s pretty obsessed with it, but nothing really seems to have changed with the show since it was added.

    The only think that bugs me about Swingtown is how skinny the actress that plays the daughter is. Holy Walking Skeleton, Batman!

    I think I need to check out Mad Men.

  11. I love Psych and Monk both, though I admit that I’m terrible at remembering to catch them, and so haven’t seen any of the new seasons yet. I’m sad that Monk is getting that way, though he’s always made me a little bit anxious, but I supposed being OCD and watching a show about a guy with severe OCD will do that to you… 😉

  12. I’m with you on ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Swingtown’ and ‘Weeds.’ I’m waiting anxiously for the third and fourth DVDs of the first season to arrive in the mail. ‘Swingtown’ is just fun and i agree that Janet is my favorite character (or favorite character to watch maybe?) I’m about to dive into season two of The Tudors that my dad kindly recorded and mailed me (we don’t have cable). If you haven’t seen season one of ‘The Tudors,’ it’s another one of those shows that will keep you occupied all weekend.

    Oh! And you have to check out ‘Flight of the Conchords’ on DVD. It’s hilarious. At first when you watch it, you’re like, hmm this is kind of dumb. But then it totally hooks you and you’ll find yourself wandering around the house singing their songs under your breath. (And it’s hard to not like a show that has characters dressed as David Bowie from different eras come to visit other characters in dreams to discuss body image.)

  13. I love WEEDS… and am curious which storyline it was that you didn’t like. I know which one I didn’t like but I’m curious about you. I think the next season will be interesting because I hear they are starting all over. But I will have to wait for it to come out on DVD. And must concur with The Flight of the Conchords…. freakin hilarious!!!! I haven’t seen it in a couple of months now as hubby had HBO and Skinamax taken away, but I still find myself singing songs from it and then bust out laughing. I haven’t watched even one minute of any of the others listed but am now intrigued and so will check them out. Damn I wish I had DVR!! Oh and Cali – congratulations by the way. “Just keep growing, growing, growing… just keep growing…”

  14. have been seeing commercials for Mad Men and think it looks SO GOOD and then i realize i have insanity scheduled to begin aug 25th… and so it goes on a list of future netflix rentals, when i can spend a weekend watching the whole season…

    LOVE The Closer.

  15. Congrats on the pregnancy! I’ve been following you for a few weeks. I also watch Weeds, We wait for the DVDS to come out before we watch, we like to be able to fastforward. I didnt know they have changed their theme song- it was alittle weird but I liked it (but I ca n Fastfoward through it if I wanted to lol)

  16. “Scripted” shows is the word you are looking for I believe. Now I”ll go back and finish reading the post. Oh! I saw the first episode of Mad Men last night. It made me want to smoke. I haven’t smoked in three years but damn it looked good. I know, it is a sickness.

  17. i love the closer. i’m also really into a new show called flashpoint, but really i’m ready for ER, Grey’s, Bones and House to come back. :o) thank god for dvr.

  18. LOVE the summer season! YAY for USA Network! I’m a fan of almost ALL the shows you listed. Have to say my favorite is probably PSYCH, and I’m 2 decades past 30-something! And so happy to hear you like MY BOYS! Isn’t it cute? I love the sports/life analogies. My dream guy would be a combination of Michael from Burn Notice, both Shawn and Gus from Psych, with a dash of Lt. Disher from Monk and Marshall from In Plain Sight.

  19. Okay, I don’t really watch any of those shows but I do have an embarassing confession. I actually enjoy watching Army Wives. I’m going to do a post about it my little guilty pleasure. Let’s face it TV can be extremely silly but fun. xo

  20. I was too lazy to change the channel the other night when Swingtown came on and was surprised by how much I actually liked it. My sister in law has been telling me Weeds was good and I keep meaning it watch it. Who doesn’t love House? I even think my mom likes it, even though you would have to torture that confession out of her. I tried Saving Grace but I didn’t like it, maybe it grows on you? Psych and Burn notice are on my list of shows to try.

  21. Could you not lick those tight shirts right off Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice)? OMG! I think it’s moving slow because they’re trying to work in that Tricia Helfer character, and Fi is barely around. I so want to see a cat fight with those two. I hope Fi kicks her into next week!

  22. Mad Men – No
    The Closer -Yes – her accent drives me batty and I am from Georgia.
    Burn Notice – Yes – Love it, Michael is hot, Mom not so much, Fiona might be a cool friend except that her awesome body would piss me off.
    Swingtown – No
    My Boys – No
    Psych – Yes – Love it that “Bud” from the Cosby Show is Gus
    Monk – Yes – I am OCD so I relate
    Weeds – No
    In Plain Sight – Yes- Mary is annoying, I actually like the sister, but good stories

    More faves –
    Saving Grace – Grace is a little slutty, but honest, Retta is hilarious, Earl is the bomb
    The Cleaner – Benjamin Bratt is beautiful, cool stories not totally interdependant on each other.

    Thinking of you and your little bean….hoping for lots of fun pregnancy symptoms!

  23. “Out of Sight” with Holly Hunter? Methinks you have confused her with Jennifer Lopez 🙂 No wonder you find Saving Grace not quite right!

    I watch every episode and sometimes (frequently) wonder why — I watch it because I like Holly Hunter, but in this role I think it is a bit self-indulgent for her and I think the writing is not the caliber she could better play.

    Too many morality plays, of which she gets to be the bright-light center even though she is the sinniest soul onboard. It makes it all cattywampus! If the writing were better, she could be forgiven all.

    You watch this show not so much for each week’s Tale (which almost seems like a formulaic afterthought), but for the opportunity to glean more and more clues to the past and how she ended up as she is ‘now’, and for a chance to see “Rhetta” evolve into a deeper character as well. What a cool best friend forever she shows up to be.

    The angel is kinda’ neat, and I like how frustrating it is that he doesn’t just give away the answers to what we want to know. Even Leon has more depth than one usually finds in a death-row inmate.

  24. Well, now that I have spent some time in the US I have actually heard of these shows, which is unusual for me when you write TV-centred posts. Anyway, I have wanted to watch Mad Men, and tried to think of a way to catch up when they repeated the whole first season last week. Unfortunately the toddler interrupted these plans.

    I really like Weeds, and have the serious hots for Conrad. I haven’t seen the new season, so I am not yet familiar with the mayor. I doubt he can top Conrad for hotness.

  25. Little boxes made of ticky tacky. There’s a pink one, and a green one, and a red one, and a yellow one. And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

    I LOVE that song actually! I love Weeds just as much.

    The shows I watch: LOST, Breaking Bad, Dexter, House, Swingtown, the Girls Next Door, Entourage, and the Office.

    You should check out Breaking Bad. Best new show around.

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