What to buy your older relatives:

Because I live with a lovely geriatric I often received e-mails inquiring about gifts for older relatives (ok, maybe 3 times in as many years) . Usually I respond with the classic gift idea of a well assembled photo album. But supposing you are all out of craft and/or new photographs. What is something special, thoughtful and sure to be well loved? You may not realize it but the answer is simple: liquor.

Now obviously if Aunt Betty or Great Uncle Fred has an issue with alcohol or cannot imbibe due to medication this would not be an ideal gift. But if you have an older relative that is into the occasional nip of something-something then a specially wrapped bottle of lovely is just for them.

Today is my Grandmother’s 87th birthday. She no longer needs books, or magazines subscriptions. We present her with a new photo album every Christmas. So my Mother and I thought for a moment and then we realized that what she likes is chocolate and an occasional nightcap of an adult beverage.

Luckily for us Godiva made it easy as they have created a special line of chocolate liqueurs. Available in four flavors: Original, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Mocha, there is sure to be something that your special someone will enjoy. The beverage can be enjoyed on the rocks, as a splash in an evening cup of coffee, or in any number of recipes found on the the official Godiva website.

godiva gift
We gifted Grandmother with milk chocolate and she enjoyed about two tablespoons of it in a small glass. The creamy and smooth looking drink has an amazingly pleasant aroma that even those not consuming can waft and enjoy. It also seasons Grandmother kisses extremely well!

Available at most liquor stores the Godiva Liqueurs retail between $15 – $26 based on size. Depending on the size of your older relative, one bottle should last them a couple of months!


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