New TV Season- let’s talk

There is nothing that makes me happier than filling up my DVR with new shows. Finding out the new fall season and planning my life around it is something I have done for a while. Oh the bliss of new shows! New seasons!

I consulted tv guide’s ultimate fall schedule and created my own schedule. Since many shows I enjoy air at the same time I have to make plans. Having a DVR comes in handy (as does having a tivo in my bedroom). One of my goals this fall is to avoid as many commercials as possible. With the political climate getting all hot and steamy the last thing I want is to have to endure a barrage of negative campaigns from either side of the aisle.

So let’s take a look at what I will be watching. And then you can tell me what you will be watching (or NOT watching) and once the shows begin airing we can have wonderful conversations about how great or how crappy things are.

Let’s start with Sunday. If I am honest I only really give a damn about only one of the shows I listed on my grid: Amazing Race. It is my most favorite reality show and I don’t even have to file it under the ‘guilty pleasure’ subheading that my other reality shows are dumped into. I can’t stand mean or bickering couples, but I do love watching someone have a life changing experience through cultural enlightenment. (and I do start yelling at the television when someone starts to sound like an entitled American asshole) Extreme Makeover is probably one of GM’s favorite shows and if I didn’t put Brothers & Sisters on the grid Mother would kill me. (plus a really good friend works on the show & you gotta support your people!)

Monday is like a fun chick night of must see tv for me. I am totally sucked in to the cut throat world of Gossip Girl and I have a tiny crush on Chuck. Samantha Who is also a great show and I don’t think enough people are watching it. I was shocked by Christina Applegate’s recent health scare and now feel this sort of obligation to tune in weekly to make sure she is ok. Heroes needs to step up for me. It got way off track last season and with the odd break in schedule I found it hard to be engaged by. The first new show on my grid is My Own Worst Enemy starring Christian Slater and his hair.

(Side story about Mr. Slater: when I was a sassy girl in acting school in NYC I worked at a theme restaurant. One evening Mr. Slater and his family came in to dine and at the end of the meal his credit card did not go through. Instead of being a total asshole about it (I’m looking at you, Scarface) he was appropriately mortified and went to an atm and immediately took care of things. And my tip was not affected by his accounting. I like to keep celebrities in three categories: asshole, nice, unknown. Mr. Slater is in the nice category so I will give his show a chance.)

Tuesday is going to be very exciting in my DVR. 90210? Yes. Totally will be watching. Not sure how long I will be tuning in because I am a Donna Martin fan and am tapping my toe until I know she will be in the cast. I am hoping it has lots of nods and winks to the original, but I think it is just going to be Degrassi High set in Beverly Hills with lots more sex. House. I got excited just typing the name of the show. The last several episodes of last season gave me chills. I can not wait to see how things progress! Two new shows on my grid are The Mentalist (which sounds like a drama version of the USA comedy Psych) which stars a really hot guy and Privileged which could go either way. And you know I will be tuning in to see what is up with Olivia and her biological clock issues on SVU.

And that brings us to Wednesday where one of the quirkiest shows will be back: Pushing Daisies. The only word I can think of to describe this show is charming. I smile watching it. I am excited for the return of Bones as well. Except the last episode of last season sucked ass. So over fake deaths. Private Practice will feature guest appearances by Grant Show but really I am sort of embarrassed to admit that I watch this drivel. I hope this season is smarter or at least they should hire one of us to prevent them from saying things like “tomorrow we will implant the embryo”. Stylista is a new show that I am going to give a chance. If it has talented people I will watch, but if it is like Hells’ Kitchen quality talent I will find something else to watch! Lipstick Jungle will be given another chance but if that lady licks her lips through another season I will change the channel. And I love CSI:NY – try and stop me from watching it!

Thursday is really the last big night of tv programming. I will be tuning back in to Ugly Betty, Greys’s Anatomy (are they going to kill off Izzie??), the final season (2 seasons too late) of ER, and Survivor in high def (woo hoo!) CSI is an awesome show and I heard that Lawrence Fishburne will be joining the cast. Finally Life On Mars. This was originally a BBC show that was so so fucking cool. I am sure it won’t be as great, but it will be interesting to see.

Friday I will be giving The Ex List a shot (although it sounds like it would be a drag to watch more than one season of this show). I am thrilled that Life got another chance although I bet this will be the last season. Friday night isn’t exactly helping. This is also the night where I will watch the rerun of America’s Next Top Model. (remind me- why do I watch this show?)

Saturday is where you see another guilty pleasure of mine all out there in the open: Knight Rider. Shut up, I know.

Things that didn’t make it to the grid but will totally be watched: the end of Project Runway, the November return of Law & Order Criminal Intent (with Jeff Goldblum), Top Design, and all the other shows that the networks haven’t slotted in yet (like Lost & Medium). Plus you know I will be making room for Dexter, Big Love & the new vampire show on HBO- True Blood. Am I weanie for not being into the new show, Fringe?

So talk to me- what are YOU going to watch and why? What new show looks promising to you?

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8 thoughts on “New TV Season- let’s talk

  1. I am really looking forward to The Mentalist.

    But what I’m shocked to see is that CSI: Miami isn’t on your grid. I mean, hello? Horatio and his glasses and one-liners? That’s just comedy gold!

  2. I’ll be watching Extreme Makeover (when I remember), Chuck, Heroes (though J leaves the room for that one, or I do), and Pushing Daisies. Past that, I’m not sure. We always try to make time for Project Runway, and Top Chef (whenever that’ll come back again, I’m never quite sure). Wednesdays, we’ll be watching Ghost Hunters when it comes back.

    and I’m sad to say I’m currently addicted to High School Musical: Get in the Picture

    I’ve seen the commercials and most of the pilot for the US Life on Mars, and as a huge fan of the UK version, and kind of anti-excited about it, alas.

  3. Hey, my dh works for TWC and every now and then he gets swag from Dexter, Big Love, or True Blood. Most of the time he declines but I will tell him not to do that if you are interested in it. Let me know. I would be happy to ship stuff to you. Who knows, maybe he will get some Dexter baby booties or something. :0)

  4. Thanks so much for the TV Guide link. I went through it all as well but did not make a neat grid like you.
    Samantha Who, I love it and I love Cecelia Ahern as well so I have faith in the writing. Big Bang Theory, I watch all of his shows ever since Dharma and Greg and like this show. 2.5 men, not the best but as I said, I watch all his shows. Worst Week I will try but do not have high hopes for. Chuck of course.

    Eli Stone and House for sure. I will be trying Fringe and The Mentalist.

    Pushing Daisies although it dragged a little bit late last season. The New Adventures of Old Christine, one of my favorite shows. I swear I find myself guffawing loudly every time I watch it, to the point of a stomach ache and I love it for that. Private Practice I really like and also Lipstick Jungle even though I really liked Cashmere Mafia better. ANTM and I have no idea either why I watch it.

    Ugly Betty and Grey’s and I will be trying 11th Hour.

    I am looking forward to The Ex List and this will also likely be the night I Tivo ANTM since Wed. are so busy and it repeats.

    Nothing but will likely be when I watch many of the taped shows.

    Brothers & Sisters for sure and then I will be trying Surviving Suburbia, Valentine, and Easy money.

    That’s it for me.

  5. I will be watching everything a day later (at least) because I don’t live in the US so my schedule is:

    Sunday: Nothing so far

    Monday: Brothers & Sisters & Dexter

    Tuesday: I will check out My Own Worst Enemy because I have nothing else to watch LOL

    Wednesday: House (although it slipped a bit last season), NCIS & Without A Trace

    Thursday: Criminal Minds (I want to watch the first episode because there was a big cliff hanger at the end of the last season but it has gotten a little gruesome for me lately) CSI and Dirty Sexy Money

    Friday: ER (final season so while it has slipped a bit I will watch it because it is the last one) and Greys Anatomy (I can guarantee you I won’t watch it once a week, more like back to back episodes every few weeks unless it has seriously improved & compels me to watch it weekly)

    Saturday: Numb3rs.

    Now… I am having a baby about 8 weeks into the new season so I can see all of that going to pot and having a huge backlog to watch BUT I have 3 hours on Sunday & 4 hours on Monday mornings to catch up on things so hopefully I will manage.

    We will also watch Heroes but we will do that together so I didn’t include it on the list.

    Chicory… the reason CSI: Miami is not in there is because it is NASTY!

  6. Awww man… I am soo screwed on Monday nights at 7pm. Maybe we will have to change providers just to get that 4 channel recorder!! Guess Gossip Girl and Sarah Connor are out in favor of Chuck and CBS from 7-830. Samantha Who at 830 and then I want to check out My own worst enemy.

    Looks like Tuesday I will be checking out the new CW shows and then catching Without a Trace

    Wednesdays is Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, Til’Death and Private Practice. I might DVR Knight Rider that night otherwise Saturday night.

    Thursday is Grey’s and ER but looks like I will probably DVR the 11th Hour also.

    Friday is Life and Numbers and the rest catch what I can but nothing I want to record.

    Saturday nothing interesting so probably movie night if home.

    Sunday looks like Amazing Race and Cold Case. I missed a lot of Brothers and Sisters last season so if I can get caught up I will start watching that again. Oh yea, and Family Guy might be dvr’d unless DH decides he is just going to continue to Netflix it.

    I am pretty disappointed that Monday is so loaded with shows I want to watch. Guess I will just catch Gossip girl in the reruns like I did this summer but I never did see Sarah Connor in reruns recently but I probably missed it.

    I’m kinda fed up with CSI and Law and Order. If I hadn’t seen every episode of ER I probably would just drop it but it is a bad habit. I soooo wish it would have faded to black after the wedding. Now it is not going to end on the high note that it could have. If it gets really silly I will probably just skip it once Abby and Luca are gone… yes, they supposedly will be out before Christmas!!!!

    Okay…enough rambling 🙂

  7. I am in awe of the grid.

    House. Lost when it returns. Will Medium be back? Project Runway. I would like to try Fringe. I usually can’t get Wes to try more than one new show a year (New Amsterdam got him last time around). The Mentalist, maybe. I haven’t heard of most of these. I feel dumb. Lately I don’t turn the TV on until most of prime time is over and then I watch recorded things. So I miss previews which means I miss viewing/recording momentum. And if I miss the beginning of new shows I will never start watching. So maybe this post will help me remember.

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