90210 & Top Model


Seriously cake batter television. I was a very regular watcher of the original program until it went way wacko. (remember that crazy chick that loved fire??) When I heard that a new version was going to launch I got all kinds of retro giddy. The show feels familiar without being stuck. The new cast is comprised of characters that wink at the original cast: the bitchy rich girl, the naive but eager Midwesterner, the jock, the misfits…But really this show feels like a combination of all the shows that came after the original 90210. The attractive parent’s with their complicated story lines is a dash of The O.C., the bitter blogger is a dash of Gossip Girl, etc. So far the plot has been perfectly predictable and I am looking forward to things getting more out there.

America’s Next Top Model:

I wanted to kill my television during most of the premiere episode of this season. The lame and weird robot theme with the horrible “special” effects was just unnecessary. This is a show that has been on for a while. It is a familiar format with unfamiliar girls. There is no need to jazz things up. It just felt like a rehash of that horrible movie that Tyra did where she was a plastic toy that came to life. shiver.

The cast of girls is interesting and not as cartoony as some seasons have been. Sure you have the gals that come from small towns (amusing political side note: there is a girl from a small town in Alaska and it is pretty interesting to hear how she talks about her home life. And she talks A LOT about it.) and you have the girls that are a little rough around the edges. And then you have the bravest of them all, Isis.

When I found out that a transgendered girl was going to be on the show this season I was very proud of the producers. Isis is tough but delicate and already making it easy to spot who the haters are. I picked up early on that girls that used the wrong pronoun for Isis were going to be trouble. I really hope that tolerance is achieved in the house, but I think some models are a lost cause. I think we will see some beautiful girls in all their ugliness.

So what were your thoughts about these shows?


6 thoughts on “90210 & Top Model

  1. We didn’t see 90210 but V and I watched ANTM. I thought that whole robot stuff was stupid an unnecessary but I guess they feel they needed to mix things up a bit. As for the contestants….there are definitely going to be some fireworks in that house this season. We really like Sheena and I think it’s great that Isis is there. I don’t know if she can win, but I hope she’s around for a long time. What they did behind her prop for the photo shoot was appalling but she has class and just rocked it. I’m glad Tyra picked her photo second. I expected there to be more fireworks regarding who’s room she was going to be in, and nonsense about sharing a house with a “man” etc etc. It’s going to be an interesting season.

  2. I am with you completely on your take on ANTM. I think I must have said at least 10 times something to the effect of, “This is retarded.” I mean come on, who thinks that makes good tv?

    If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Can I get an amen?

  3. Something went seriously wrong with that robot business. Kitsch doesn’t work when you try too hard.

    Isis is awesome, but she has this look of sorrow on her face. I hope she kicks some hater-beyotch butt.

    Oh, and some of those women are seriously pretty to look at. Too bad they had to go and open their mouths. I always think it is funny when Tyra tries to get political. It was clear that more than half of the girls had no idea what their political platforms meant. “Duuuh, what’s a beurocracy?” (Well, I can’t spell it, so I guess I can’t get too uppity about it, can I?)

  4. We haven’t even had the last season of ANTM here, so I can’t comment, but I’m guessing Isis will have legs that will launch me into a jealous rage.

    I am soooooo annoyed that we will probably not get the new 90210 here. I was hoping Gossip Girl would fill my silly TV quotient, but I’ll be honest, I don’t get the hype. I watched three episodes of Season 1 and gave up. I was bored.

    Uh, Donna Martin graduates!

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