Research Revolution!

This is not a paid review but a pure and simple post of, “Hey! Check this out!”

One of the reasons why I agreed to write some posts for 23andMe was because I found the company and the product to be pretty awesome. Really it is beyond a product, it is a community. And within that community are scientists that are constantly doing more and more genome research. The kind of research that can seriously make a difference.

Right now 23andMe is having a sort of summer contest. Well, calling it a contest sort of makes it a game, but for me it is not a moment of play- it is an opportunity. They are committing their scientists to a specific health issue and they want the community within 23andMe to help them select which issue it will be.

If you have a moment please click here and sign up to vote in the Research Revolution. Then vote for research on Multiple Sclerosis. Setting up an account is FREE, but supporting research to help us better understand MS is priceless to me.

Have I mentioned that my Mother has MS?

She was officially diagnosed during my freshman year at college. It was almost a bit of a relief to actually have the diagnosis because she spent years undergoing tests and studies trying to find out what was wrong. The knowing is, of course bittersweet. You finally have a name for what ails you but there is NOTHING to cure it.

And because MS is so squirrely no two people seem to suffer the same way. The symptoms vary widely from person to person. Here are the biggest symptoms that my Mother deals with daily: fatigue, aphasia, falling down, muscle soreness, depression, narcolepsy, difficulty swallowing. And because it isn’t like an open head wound most people (me included) sometimes forget that she suffers. Daily, Hourly.

This 23andMe revolution is a HUGE deal and it would be beyond amazing if such a great team were able to dedicate their energy to researching Multiple Sclerosis.

(And as a side note, because it is a pretty kick ass deal, you can buy a research version of the dna test for only $99. That deal ends on September 30th.)


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