I am doing this for Wes

I came home with a bunch of swag after BlogHer and certainly did not intend to blog about any of it. But some of it was cleaning supplies. And if there is one thing my beloved Wes adores… it is something with which to make the world more sparkly.

He made me PROMISE that I would tell you about this product. And I agreed because he looked really scary when he talked about it. He had that breathless panting demonic look, eyes wide and voice insistent that you MUST understand how gross something was until this product came along and SOLVED ALL THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS.

Apparently this fur fighter thing cleared off two years worth of hair that had been hiding in the womb chair. And by hiding, I mean he has cleaned it with the vacuum, the sticky roller thing one uses on clothes, and a special microfiber sponge intended for the same purpose. None came close to removing so much hidden hair.  And he made a big, loud, breathless point of telling me that most of it was not pet hair but MY HAIR. Thanks so much, dear.

Anyway, it apparently works well on upholstery. Wes says so.

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About Briar

* I am a school librarian. In every possible way. * I am married to a wonderful man named Wes. When we met (blind date, 1996) he was female and I was a staunch lesbian. Over time, he realized he was really supposed to have been born a boy and I realized I was really attracted to trans-folk. So it all worked out rather well. * I have a 21 year old stepson. My husband is his mother. Yes. I refer to him on this blog as GMB (Gargantuan Man Boy). * Wes and I both suffer from major, chronic depressive disorders. We have both been free of any catastrophic episodes (and mental hospitals) for more than 8 years, but still - sometimes our house is BIG fun. * I have always wanted to be a mother. Using donor sperm, I started trying to get pregnant in May of 2005. I got my first positive blood test on July 27, 2006 - this was a result of my seventh IUI cycle, my second on Clomid with trigger shots. I used an HCG booster 6dpo to keep my progesterone up (I had a luteal phase defect). On August 29th, when I thought I was 9 weeks pregnant and after seeing the heartbeat the week before, I went for my first OB appt and found out that the baby had died around 8 weeks, 2 days - about 3 days after I saw it. I had a Manual Vacuum Aspiration the next day which was hideous but quick. Pathology report indicated a triploidy - 3 complete sets of chromosomes. Our first try back after the disaster worked. Beckett Ace was born in August 2007. * My mother died when I was 20 years old. She had cervical cancer. She hadn't had a pap smear in more than three years. Please visit your gynecologist regularly. * We have a dog and 2 cats. For many years we had pet rats, too, but they have very short lifespans and broke our hearts. If we hadn't had a baby, I shudder to think how many animals we would have acquired. * I have a pain disorder/syndrome called fibromyalgia. I am in at least some pain nearly all the time. * We both love to travel. Wes loves glaciers and animals and his dream vacations are Antarctica, Patagonia, Galapagos, and Kangaroo Island (Australia). My dream vacation is a World Cruise. * I am frequently bitchy, bitter, angry, moody, cranky, or whiny. It's why you love me.

4 thoughts on “I am doing this for Wes

  1. wes, thank you for making bri review these ~~~ i saw the commercial last week and thought “i wonder how well they work…” because i intend to have a dog one day soon and i am allergic and keeping the least amt of dog hair floating around is a critical thing.


  2. Ok, so I was wrongnon FB, but this is still the post I had in mind. Now I’m curious as to whether or not Wes has tried the other one.

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