When your baby doesn’t follow the rules

Alternative title: Early Teething Sucks

So my son W (I will never stop grinning when I type that) decided to be all color outside of the lines and got his first tooth at 16 weeks. This is one of those weird moments in parenthood where part of you thinks,”my kid is SO advanced!” and then you realize that your genius kid cut his first too before he is old enough to really have the skill set to cope with it.

This means no good drugs (no motrin for us!) and no swank teethers as W can’t really do fancy things like hold something. He teethed for weeks on his fist and fingers. And he cried. Lots. And he totally freaked out over the pain.

Teething tablets worked well enough, but I wanted W to have something other than his hands (too many moments where he learned about his gag reflex) to gnaw on. But most traditional teethers, the kind that you put in the fridge and then just give to your kid, didn’t work for us because, as I mentioned, holding something for longer than 1 minute was not quite a milestone met.

Then my Mother found something called the Lamaze Flutterbug vibrating teether. I had seen other teethers with vibrating bits- but those seemed to buzz only when the baby bit down in a certain spot.

What I dig about the lamaze teether is that he can gnaw on one side and I can press the other and activate. It is also thinner and easier for a smaller mouth than the “bog boy” teethers. He can only tolerate about 2 minutes of it before he gets distracted, but it does seem to give him some relief.

[This is not a paid review, just a post I am putting out there in case anyone else has an early teether and wants to know what works for us.]

lamaze teether


3 thoughts on “When your baby doesn’t follow the rules

  1. I can empathize with the early teething,my oldest cut his first 2 at 2 months. They thought he was colic because he fussed all the time. Doctor didn’t believe me until he put his finger in his mouth and Rob bit him lol. He had 8 by W’s age now and 16 by a year. My other 2 all cut teeth by 4 months. I am glad there are toys to help now back then it was hard for them!

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