When washing your face is pretty much all you can do

I used to love make up. I used to actually WEAR make up. Then my lifestyle became mostly home-bound and wearing make up became something that I only needed to do to leave the house. Once I became pregnant I pretty much stopped wearing make up altogether. No matter what I put on my face, by the time I got to where I was going I had melted it off with my hormone inferno body.

But I have always loved lipstick. And more specifically I have loved red lipstick. The problem with a true red is that an hour after you apply it your lips look weird. Either they are now a faded orange or all the inside color has gone leaving you with an unintentional lip liner look.

I really wanted a red lipstick that went on well, didn’t look like clown lips, and when it faded didn’t leave me with crazy lips.

Recently I watched one of those early morning chat shows that featured a segment that touted make up products that looked good on everyone. Ha! But they showcased this lipstick that everyone on the show was wearing and by jove they all looked really good. And then I saw the packaging of the lipstick and I fell in love.


I also like the philosophy behind the color. The company’s website states:

…going back to Medieval times,
when full coverage lipstick was considered a sin.
Instead, women used lemons to stimulate the lips and stain them a see through blood red. It looks like you naturally have gorgeous swollen cherry lips.

I wanted those kind of lips! And now…I have them.


before and after

What is your favorite newly discovered beauty product?