Ear Lifts — a review

So, I have these earrings.  Beautiful black hoops dripping with a dense cluster of sky-blue glass beads of differing sizes.  I love these earrings.  Fell in love with them at Macy’s and had to have them.

Unfortunately, they’re heavier than an elephant standing on a grand piano balanced on a Caterpillar D1.  Every time I tried to wear them within a few hours my lobes would be sore, swollen, and larger (torn or stretched).  I’d end up taking them out and swearing never to wear them again.  I thought about taking them to my jeweler friend and seeing if she could lighten them up — maybe removing some of the beads and making a ring or something out of them to match.  But I’m lazy, and so they spent time gathering dust and occasionally tempting me into pain.

So when I was in a store and saw a package of Earlifts (as seen on TV) (caution, EXTREMELY ANNOYING website at the other end of that link) marked down to less than $2, I thought what the hell?

They, too, sat gathering dust for several months until yesterday morning.  Yesterday was our church’s annual Water Ceremony, and I was piling on all my wateriest jewelry in honor of the day.  And there were my earrings, glistening like so many drops of crystalline water.  So I decided to give the earlifts a try.

They seem to be made of oval-shaped pieces of transparent surgical tape.  You peel one off a sheet, stick it to the back of your ear behind where your hole is, and the poke the earrings through your ear and through the tape.  The earrings poked easily through the tape and I was certain that the tape would either a)  be peeling off within the hour, or b) tear more easily than my skin and do absolutely nothing.

I was surprised when, several hours later, I got into my car and remembered that I was still wearing the Heaviest Earrings on Earth.  My ears weren’t sore, red, or stretched out!  The tape was still stuck and for such a flimsy thing it was actually doing a fantastic job supporting my earrings.

I’m definitely going to be using these again.  I’ve got 3 other pairs of heavy earrings and I’m happy to be able to wear them again.  At $10 for 60 (+S&H), though, I’m not sure they’re worth the price for an occassional user like me.  I think I’ll get a roll of clear surgical tape, first, before shelling out a ten-spot.  But if I see them on clearance?  Oh hell, yeah, I’d buy them again.


T is for Tuesday & Tarot

Ever since Oro introduced me to the bliss that is the on-line Glastonbury Tarot Reading I have been hooked. I try to use it only once a month- if I use it more it looses its glean and suddenly I feel all jumbly and twisted and unclear about my future.

This morning, after I hung up the phone with Dr. Liver’s office (no results yet), I decided to take my angst to the Tarot. And of course I supplied the little box with a dainty little question, “Will I become pregnant in December, 2007?” I figured it was a more fun question to ask rather than, “Will I be Hep C negative?” I made the leap of assumption that if I am negative then I would be trying and if I was trying it would be December…and, well, there you have it.

For starters the cards are stunning- vivid and calming. After you type in your question you are asked to select 10 cards from the deck. Once your 10 are selected your reading begins. It isn’t specific, there won’t be a yes or no answer revealed, but through following the chart you will gain some insight.

Here are some gems from my reading this morning:

  1. My present position- The Star: this is a time of hope and healing
  2. Crossing me- Ace of Staffs: All blockages to your success have now been removed, and you can moved swiftly forward with confidence.
  3. The Future- Four of Staffs: A phase of your life has now drawn to a close, and it is time to move forward into a fresh and exciting new beginning. There is a sense of optimism, and a growing sense of freedom. Plans can now be put into action.
  4. Passing out of your Life- Ten of Swords: This card signifies the ending of a situation that has caused you much pain and sorrow. You have experienced the lowest point in a cycle of your life, and it is now time for life to move onwards and upwards.
  5. The Past- Seven of Chalices: You have the knowledge that a dream can become a reality, you understand the gifts of dreaming, and you can now use that ability to enable yourself to realise a vision that inspires you.
  6. The Future- The Hanged Man: The Hanged Man signifies that, even in the midst of difficulty, there is a need to ‘let go’, to surrender and listen to what your inner self is telling you.
  7. Where you Will find Yourself- Maid of Vesicas: This is a time for birthing new ideas of energy. It can mean Motherhood or the emergence of a new way of thinking.
  8. How Others See you- King of Vesicas: Shows the ability to work hard in order to achieve your goals. This card shows the need for form and structure in your life. You are on the brink of success.
  9. Your Hopes or Fears- Temperance: At this time extremes should be avoided. It is important that you keep your center and resist temptation to rush off at a tangent.
  10. Te Outcome- The High Priestess: This card signifies the power of intuition and the transformation that can take place once you listen to your inner voice. Surrender rationality and allow yourself to look at your feelings.

The reading resonated really well with me. I could be wrong, but my feeling is that I don’t have Hep C and that I will be having a December IVF. And if I listen really closely I can feel a readiness to become a Mother that has never been stronger.

Go get yourself a reading and tell me how it helped clarify. & if it confused you let’s discuss it.

While we wait…Part II

So yesterday we got to know each other better (or rather realized that we were all kind of the same) through a political survey. I think there is a post to be written about our results, but I am not up to it now.

Now let’s talk about something else that, according to many, should not be discussed in polite conversation. But whoever accused us of being polite?

Starhillgirl unearthed a groovy religion survey that is in the same sort of “check how you feel and we will tell you who you are” style as yesterday’s political survey. I have seen religion polls before, but I like that this one has more results than just the obvious religions.

So let’s go there. Take this survey and and let’s talk about it.

My top 5:

  1. Mainline-Liberal Christian Protestant- 100%
  2. Liberal Quaker- 96%
  3. Unitarian Universalism- 95%
  4. Neo-Pagan- 82%
  5. Orthodox Quaker- 82%

I’m guessing my #1 option (and I do like to see these as options) is pretty in line with my go to religion of liberal Episcopalian.

But I am interested in researching the Quaker option. I have two good friends that have mentioned that they are Quakers. And I always love to read the phrase “holding you in the light”- doesn’t that sound like the best place to be held?

So what were your top options? Do you feel that the results are in line with your actual beliefs? Any surprises?

While we wait…

Let’s have a little talk about politics. Now before you run screaming for the hills I am not saying let’s debate about politics. In fact I imagine a debate around these parts would be the most boring thing ever. It would go something like this:

Me: I am pro woman! I am pro environment! I am pro equal rights! I am pro a trader joe’s in every state!

You: Me too!

Debate over. See? Dull.

But with it being November and all I do find that I am wanting to read up on politics so that next year isn’t so overwhelming.

This is where our little conversation comes into play. I want to talk issues. As in what are THE top three (or two, or one) issues that will decide who gets your dangling chad next year. Are you unwavering on it? Are you gung ho about a particular candidate already or are you just waiting to see who your party can get behind and then jump on that train?

Something that I found extremely interesting/insightful was a link that will, based on how you answer a series of questions, tell you who your ideal candidate is.

Of course there was no 100% ideal candidate for me. The closest was (shock) Chris Dodd. Really? Um. Interesting. Very close behind him (by 2 percentage points) was dear Barack. And three candidates down was Hillary. In fact I am a bit surprised that I didn’t line up much with her. What is that about?

So who were your top candidates in the test? Do you agree with it? And let’s start talking issues (in a friendly way please). And feel free to post anonymously if you want/need to.

Das Boots are here!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a blogosphere to get you your boots. Operation: Get me my Boots is officially over. I have my boots!

The biggest thanks goes to Sarah & BB! These gals not only had the great sense of adventure to join the operation, but they ultimately became the commanding officers. The company that had the boots would not ship them to America, so these gals had the boots shipped to their house & THEN sent them to me. I have no doubt that their Ziggy is going to have the best Moms. If they went through so much to get little ol’ me some footwear, imagine the mountains they will move for this kid. Thank you gals!

New boots arrived into my world at approximately 3:35pm (central time) on Saturday, July 15. They were inspected. & then they were on my feet in less than 20 minutes.

I’m still smiling about that.

I was in a really shitty, funky mood yesterday. You know, one of those pathetic pouts brought on by an accumulation of a number of 5th grade type issues. But lucky for you the boots happened. Otherwise you might have been subjected to an obnoxious post all about how all of my friends are going to Vegas and I can’t go.

But back to the boots. THE BOOTS!

I even took the boots to a movie yesterday. Of course it was the Pirate movie. Although the boots would have liked to go to the crossword movie but I had to explain to the boots that such movies rarely come to this town but that I would go ahead & add it to my netflix queue.

My original tartan docs were wonderful and perfect. They took me around the world, they grounded me in my own personality. You can’t be a bad person if you have plaid shoes on. The plaid is magic.

These new boots will have a lot to live up to. & I can’t wait to begin their adventure!

Get your Snack On

I must confess that this new snack obsession is a new one. I have done a Folger’s swap & switched all my horrible (meaning really good, but bad for me) snacks with gum. I figured if I stuffed enough gum in my mouth that it would eventually retrain me.

Or something like that.

Plus I would have been kind of embarrassed to share with you photos of my true favorite snack. I can deny attachments to the South all day long, but when you get one look at scoop fritos covered in pimento cheese spread…well the jig is up. I might as well whistle Dixie.

Fritos are one of the most truly satisfying things ever. I will confess to even eating them accompanied with a fabulous and expensive glass of wine. As if they were on par with Northern California grapes.

I also have this thing for wheat thins. I could eat an entire box & not even know it.

& it is that very thing that has forced me to get a grip on my snack issues.

Not sure if watermelon gum is the solution, but for now it’ll do.

Who are You?

I am constantly amazed by how much I see myself in other people’s blog posts. Even if the scenarios are nothing that I have ever encountered I find myself completely recognizing the emotional reaction or response.

It has made me wonder just how many of us share overlapping personality traits. Hmmmmm…

Many of you, I am certain, have heard of the Myers Briggs tests. I took the test years ago, but I am going to take it again today to see if I have shifted anywhere.

If you are curious take one as well & post your personality type.

Here is an on-line version of the test.