I am doing this for Wes

I came home with a bunch of swag after BlogHer and certainly did not intend to blog about any of it. But some of it was cleaning supplies. And if there is one thing my beloved Wes adores… it is something with which to make the world more sparkly.

He made me PROMISE that I would tell you about this product. And I agreed because he looked really scary when he talked about it. He had that breathless panting demonic look, eyes wide and voice insistent that you MUST understand how gross something was until this product came along and SOLVED ALL THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS.

Apparently this fur fighter thing cleared off two years worth of hair that had been hiding in the womb chair. And by hiding, I mean he has cleaned it with the vacuum, the sticky roller thing one uses on clothes, and a special microfiber sponge intended for the same purpose. None came close to removing so much hidden hair.  And he made a big, loud, breathless point of telling me that most of it was not pet hair but MY HAIR. Thanks so much, dear.

Anyway, it apparently works well on upholstery. Wes says so.


worth it

This toy from Haba, the Click Clack Ball Track, costs a lot of money but he has played with it every single day since Christmas. He would have been happy with the holiday if all he had received were his guitar and this. If you are rolling in it or looking for a beautiful, well-made, worth-it toy for your toddler, this fits the bill. And rolling balls down the tracks is strangely meditative for adults, too.

Leave the Mah Na Mah Na song alone already.

According to my google research, this song was written in the late sixties by some Italian composer. Originally used in a soft core porn before it ever made its way to where the air is sweet on sesame street…the song has a history.

However most of us associate it with our childhood. And with muppets.

The mah na mah na song is something that is near & dear to me. I LOVE that it is making a bit of a come back. I am all for a new generation of muppet lovers (and perhaps Swedish porn lovers) having this song in their cute little heads.

And while I don’t know if Henson (or the German company that now owns Henson) had anything to DO with this new selling out of muppet soul, it still bugs the shit out of me. First there was Miss Piggy schlocking her wares for Pizza Hut (selling pepperoni pizza! ahhh!). Then there was Kermit trying to convince us to buy a Ford.

And now the mah na mah na song is featured on not one, but two commercials: Big Lots! and Saturn. In my ad zone both Saturn and Big Lots! have purchased ad time when the game shows I watch with GM are on. So there is no avoiding them. And as much as I try to stop myself I SING A FUCKING LONG. (or scat along, or mumble along…whatever.) The music instantly makes me feel happy & peppy & young.

Then, as soon as the ad/s are over, I have this awful taste in my mouth. It tastes like charred plastic and felt…burning muppet aftertaste.