Who is Calliope?

I am a 32 year old product and television whore. There. I said it. And at last I have an outlet to let my obsession run free! In my former life as a Hollywood insider I had access to all kinds of new gadgets and was privy to many sneak-peeks. Now if I want to be on the cutting edge I have to put in a bit more leg work.

I am a tv and DVR/ tivo junkie. Since I am a full-time caregiver in the home chances are the television is always on. If it is on tv I will watch it. And if it is good you can rest assured I will be letting you know. And hell, even if it is a train-wreck I’ll give you a heads up as well. I also have a love- love relationship with major award shows and beauty pageants. Just giving you a heads up…

Other things I can’t live without: skin care products. I have chronic adult acne and I am forever on a quest to tame the beast that is my face.

I am also a big girl and if you are also a big girl then you know that shopping isn’t easy. Especially if you want to look cute and sassy and NOT frumpy and draped. Just because we are fluffy doesn’t mean we don’t have a fashion sense. Look for reviews on where to shop with a specific eye on places that are on-line.

You wouldn’t think that someone as obsessed with television would also be a reader, but I am. Big time. I gravitate towards female oriented literature (can we please get rid of the phrase “Chick-Lit”?) and biographies. I also have friends that read like it is going out of style so look for guest reviews in the book section soon!

If you have something that you would like reviewed let us know.


One thought on “Who is Calliope?

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